Newspaper of the Copa América of June 28


The latest news from Brazil and presentation of the last group matches of the evening.


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in short

Alfaro supports Titus. At the final whistle of the draw between Brazil and Ecuador, the hug between the two coaches gave rise to an intense exchange. Gustavo Alfaro took advantage of the moment to urge Titus to hang on to his post and thus delivered a very strong message of support: “Don’t go, resist. Keep fighting and you will end up world champion, remember what I’m telling you. Fight, you do everyone honor. Please, I ask you, please ”. An exchange that moved a Tite still little respected in his country, still under pressure and who must now undergo a CONMEBOL in censorship mode. An exchange which inevitably irritates in Argentina, for the simple reason that an Argentinian technician can envisage that a Brazilian will be world champion …

Titus hands over a cartridge. A Brazilian coach who did not hesitate to put a new cartridge at CONMEBOL, asking for the respect of the coaches’ right to speak and especially that they be listened to: “the coaches are makers of ‘opinion, concentrated, educated, they have a very high technical, personal and professional level which could, if CONMEBOL so wished, enable them to give their opinion on the competitions to make them progress ”. It remains to be seen whether the supreme body of South American football will hear it that way.


Our leaders have talent. Magnificent scene in the middle of Peru – Ecuador. While Lapadula has just obtained an opportunity, the realization shows us an official platform totally concerned by the meeting. We see Alejandro Domínguez in full diving on his phone. It remains to be seen what he was doing there. One hypothesis could be the consultation of the magnificent Instagram posts of Chiqui Tapía, president of the Argentine federation, who communicates on the fact that he goes to see his selection for the decisive match against Bolivia, before realizing that he did not choose the right city.

The case of number 24. The Grupo Arco-Íris, which has defended the LGBT + cause for more than two decades in Brazil, called on the CBF to explain the lack of number 24 in the selection, the only one in the entire Copa America not having one. . Why is that ? One of the reasons could come from Jogo do Bicho, an underground lottery game, in which the number 24 is associated with the deer or veado in Portuguese. A term that is also a homophobic insult and by extension, being associated with angel number 24 would be associated with being homosexual. The decision not to award it in his team can thus be considered as a homophobic action. The association had already pointed out the fact that many clubs in the country do not have any No. 24 in their workforce and while June 28 is a date of commemoration and pride, the opportunity was ideal to remember that the fight is still far from being won.

A new generation. Can you be thirty-four and still be a starting striker for the sixth game in a row in less than four weeks? In football, it is possible. On the other hand, at the Playstation, inevitably, the little young people come to teach you a lesson, as Luis Suárez indicated on his Instagram account after his defeat against the young Facundo Torres, twenty-one years old. The group is living well.



Less than a month after their clash in the World Cup qualifiers, theUruguay and the Paraguay find themselves in a match that will define the final classification of group A. In a homogeneous group, the winner of the match will secure a place among the first two, depending on the result of theArgentina and will be sure to avoid the Brazil until the final. The winner will play the Colombia or theEcuador in quarters, then argentina or again the Colombia or theEcuador in half. A priori easier course, even if the rules for one day in Copa America are rarely those for the next day. The loser will be in the table part of the Brazil, from Peru and Chile. THE’Uruguay will therefore play the blow to the full while retaining its typical workforce, with only one change: the exit of De La Cruz in favor of Bentancur which brings more security especially in the defensive covers, a theme dear to the Maestro. Valverde, the only player under threat of suspension, will be well aligned from the start. The only player left out of the squad is Araújo, still injured. Tabárez, who rarely runs in the last group game anyway, said at a press conference: “ We are not going to think of Brazil and if we have to face it as fourth or in other circumstances we will do it as we always have. We won’t have much luck because it’s a group and a coach above the rest, but we still have this way of being, of always thinking that we can, that there is a way to get there. to arrive and to succeed. Sometimes with few margins, but as long as there is a very small possibility, we have to go and that is the objective of the competition because if we are afraid or if we give a game for losing before we get it. playing, we wouldn’t be ourselves. « 

Paraguayan side, even serious before the match, Eduardo Berizzo having declared  » we will not speculate on the classification of the group. We go to the field to win like we always do […] we are going to face a very tough opponent, with real dangers, experience, a dynamic environment, it will be a rhythmic match and we are preparing for it « . Berizzo will not be able to count on Bareiro, who suffered a ligament injury during the game against the Chile and definitely left the group. The attack will be led by the untenable Almirón, and by surprise, at the top, Gabriel Ávalos, striker having passed for a few matches by Peñarol, and not having left an unforgettable memory.

The other meeting will be in comparison much lower level of interest even if theArgentina must avoid any underperformance to quietly win his group. In front of her, the Bolivia seems already turned towards the continuation and the playoffs of September even if César Farías can count for the first time on a full squad with the returns of Marcelo Martins, Henry Vaca and Luis Haquin. A coach who has already taken stock of the competition before the last meeting:  » I thank the federation, its president and all its members. We are totally committed to the future, it is not a question of seeing a single result. There are also some positive things. The road to the playoffs has been very good for us and to play four more games [en Copa América] against opponents that we will face later, it’s like the friendlies last March. Players are getting used to rivals, game features, needs. In the tactical aspect, there has been an evolution, in terms of defensive order, in the way of holding against great players, great rivals, in the possession of the ball, in the approach to goal. Bolivia begins to show tactical fundamentals that go beyond altitude « . In front of the Verde, Lionel Scaloni intends to run at maximum, with one exception:  » in this selection, there is only one player who has his place guaranteed, the others must win it. And we all know who it is « . This man is obviously Lionel Messi who will take advantage of the shock of the evening to become the single most capped player in the history of the selection. For the rest, it is time to rotate the workforce with the challenge of winning its place. A situation which concerns in particular el Kun, who should also start tonight and who has not scored in the selection since the small final of 2019.

The probable lines

Uruguay – Paraguay, 2 hours in Rio

Uruguay : Fernando Muslera; Giovanni González, José María Giménez, Diego Godín, Matías Viña; Matías Vecino, Federico Valverde, Rodrigo Bentancur, Giorgian De Arrascaeta; Luis Suárez y Edinson Cavani.

Paraguay : Antony Silva; Alberto Espínola, Gustavo Gómez, Junior Alonso, Santiago Arzamendia; Andrés Cubas, Robert Piris da Motta; Alejandro Romero Gamarra, Miguel Almirón, Ángel Romero; Gabriel Ávalos

Argentina – Bolivia, 2 hours in CuiabTo

Argentina : Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Germán Pezzella, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña; Guido Rodríguez, Exequiel Palacios, Alejandro Gomez, Ángel Correa; Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero.

Bolivia : Carlos Lampe; Luis Haquin, Adrián Jusino, Diego Bejarano, José Sagredo; Erwin Saavedra, Leonel Justiniano, Danny Bejarano; Marcelo Martins, Henry Vaca, Rodrigo Ramallo.

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