News – Zug: Parliament slows down the extension of the ice rink


EV Zug

COMMUNICATED – On March 22, 2022, the Greater City Council of the City of Zug discussed and took cognizance of the second interim report on the extension of the BOSSARD Arena with the handing over of a time-limited building right to the EVZ negatively. A new solution proposal is necessary so that the EVZ can carry out and finance itself the extension of the BOSSARD arena.

In November 2019, the EVZ approached the city council with a view to developing the BOSSARD Arena. For sporting, economic and social reasons, the CEP needs an extension of the capacity to accommodate spectators and catering in the BOSSARD Arena. From the point of view of the EVZ, however, this must not be done at the expense of the city of Zug and the taxpayers. the EVZ wants to carry out this extension itself.

The alternative proposed by the city council and worked out jointly, namely a transfer of ownership of the BOSSARD Arena to the EVZ limited in time to 35 years by means of a right of surface, was rejected by the large city council. The EVZ regrets this decision and is at the same time surprised, because a first interim report on this subject was positively taken into account in May 2021 and that in particular the considerable financial relief of the city of Zug (abolition of the costs of interview) was not a reference value of the solution likely to garner a majority.

The CEO Patrick Lengwiler : We were convinced that the proposal presented was a very good project for all parties involved. But we must accept that it is more important for a majority of the members of the Grand Council that the city retains sovereignty over the stadium with all the rights and obligations that flow from it..

It can be positively noted that the general need to expand the stadium and the proposed « Keep Building » project are not contested by the vast majority of politicians, as is the financing by the EVZ. We will analyze the new situation and seek in good time, with the parties involved, an alternative solution likely to win a majority. The urgency of the project remains even after the negative decision of the Grand Council. To remain competitive within the National League, both sportingly and economically, we are dependent on increasing spectator and catering capacity as quickly as possible..

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