News – NHL – Details on the big contract of Kevin Fiala (LAK)

Nations Hockey League

Los Angeles Kings

The New Jersey Devils and Ottawa Senators can give up on Kevin Fiala that they were trying to attract to their home, Minnesota not being able to keep the Swiss for salary cap reasons, it was finally Los Angeles who signed the striker … who will receive the jackpot.

Behind the $9 million annually affected by Roman Josi (Nashville), Fiala (25) is now the second highest paid Swiss player in history. His new contract with the Los Angeles Kings, worth a total of $55,125,000 over seven years, averages $7,875,000 a year.

Fiala will already receive 16 million in signing bonuses and his contract includes a no-move clause in his years 2 to 4 (the club will not be able to exchange him without his agreement), then a limited exchange in subsequent years ( it is the player who can draw up a list of clubs where he would agree to play). In return, the Kings offered the Minnesota Wild a first-round pick in the 2022 Draft (in Montreal next Thursday) as well as the young American already selected Olympic Brock Faber.

The next Helvetian to undoubtedly see his emoluments take the elevator should be Timo Meier (he currently earns 6 million/year at the Sharks) who will become a free agent at the end of the 2022/23 financial year and will thus be able to freely negotiate a new amount. He thinks that this one could be higher than Josi’s…

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