News – NHL: Dangerous and shameful charge in Winnipeg


The Montreal Canadiens’ 5-3 victory in Winnipeg was marred by a shameful scene. At the end of the match, when the match was folded and Jake Evans had just scored the last goal in an empty cage, the striker Mark Scheifele, was the author of a dangerous gesture. The robust striker, launched at full speed from the opponent’s area hit Evans in the head sending him unconscious onto the ice.

Evacuated on a stretcher, Evans, who was also celebrating his birthday yesterday, joined the hospital as Scheifele was returned to him to the locker room. The NHL will now have to take sanctions against this player.

Only our positive in this scene, the exemplary attitude of Nikolaj Ehlers who immediately protected the Habs player to prevent him from being jostled by the scrum.


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