News – Friborg: speculations around Chris DiDomenico

Friborg: speculations around Chris DiDomenico


We cannot help but take up a few snippets this morning from the article that our excellent colleague Klaus Zaugg (Watson) devotes to Fribourgeois Chris DiDomenico … who will soon no longer be. According to his sources, and as we already told you about it not long ago, the Canadian striker receives an annual salary of CHF 321,000 in Friborg. However, Christian Dubé wants to lower it to CHF 240,000.- we learned this morning.

We must cut wages, especially to finance the transfer of Christoph Bertschy, explains Dubé. Which also specifies that it will not improve its offer, thus offering a nice hunting ground to other organizations. Langnau is known to have expressed interest, but a quarter of a million seems to be his upper limit.

What Klaus Zaugg puts forward nicely in his article is the name of SC Bern by asserting that the player and the club have already more or less agreed … and that after New Year, in one of the last official acts of SCB communications chief Christian Dick before his retirement would be to announce the signing of DiDomenico for two years.

For the record, Chris DiDomenico and the ex-Lausanne resident Phil Varone – who has just been transferred to Bern – have the same agent. This can facilitate many negotiations.

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