News – Dominique Egli (Davos): NHL objective, via Sweden?

National League

Dominik egli

This is not new: we knew Dominik egli tempted by Sweden. Moreover, a clause does indeed appear in his contract with HC Davos in the event of a possible premature departure. However, today’s Blick revives speculation on a possible departure of the defender in SHL. Several clubs are said to be interested in the services of the young 23-year-old Swiss.

For Egli, Sweden would remain a step since his desire is to join the NHL. However, it is true that the Swedish championship is very scrutinized by recruiters from North America, especially at the level of the young backs. And Egli to admit that discussions are underway. In any case, the international will have to make a decision fairly quickly since he must inform his club by the end of the month.

So, Egli Davosien or Swedish next year? He knows that by leaving Switzerland, he will have to accept a significant pay cut. But he also knows that this is a sacrifice that could pay off in the future.

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