Newhook: Excited for a fresh start with the Canadiens


MONTREAL – Alex Newhook spoke to the media on Tuesday after announcing the signing of his four-year contract with the Canadiens.

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Here are some excerpts from his press conference:

Please note that questions and answers have been reworded for clarity and brevity.

Alex Newhook on his reaction when he learned he had been traded:

It definitely comes with a lot of emotions. Obviously it’s an emotional day when you get traded […] But at the same time, there was a lot of excitement. Obviously, I arrive in a younger team which offers me a few more opportunities than what I had in Colorado. For me, it’s an exciting opportunity, an exciting place to play, in a great city that’s close to home and in a great market. I’m really looking forward.

Newhook on what he thinks he can bring to Canadians:

I think I can bring a lot of speed to this team – a lot of speed and technique. I know we’re a young team and even though I’m a younger player, I think having had a playoff run and already won a cup, I think I can bring some of that experience to the team. As for my personal goals, I just want to come and be able to play. [j’arrive ici avec] a different opportunity and I want to try and take advantage of it as much as possible from the start, and then do it throughout the year, and try to make this team better and get it where it wants to be in the next few years.

Newhook on Head Coach Martin St-Louis:

I spoke to him straight after being traded and it was great. I think everyone likes it there [à Montréal]. People see what he’s achieved with younger guys who have come in and been able to play, and a lot of them look like they can play with freedom. Also, the fact that he went through so much in his career as a player and then came on and was successful right from the start is very exciting to me. I can’t wait to play for him and I’m sure I can learn a lot in a short time.

Video: Alex Newhook on his four-year contract

Newhook on signing a four-year contract with Montreal:

I am satisfied with it. Obviously, I’m happy with the terms. Like I said, coming to a team and knowing that they want you to stay there for at least four years is exciting. [En ce qui concerne] money is good to have some security and it comes at a good time. I think four years is great. It gives me time to improve without being rushed into another contract, and it allows me to be comfortable in a city for at least four years, so it’s very exciting.

Newhook on how he wants to improve as a player in the next four years:

I think for me there is a lot of room for improvement in several different aspects. I’ve been put in different situations so far in my career. I played shorthanded, I played on the power play, I played high and low in the formation. I think I’m a guy who can play on the first lines, who can bring a lot of speed and technique to the team and who can be able to produce, in addition to being responsible defensively and being a player to be relied on in various situations. So I just want people to be able to count on me, both offensively and defensively. That’s the kind of player I can be in the League and in this team, and I can’t wait to try and start proving it.

Newhook on pre-established connections with Canadiens players:

I grew up playing against Justin Barron and I went to school with his brother, then [Justin] played in Colorado, as well as on a few national teams. So Justin and I have been really close for a while. I played with Kirby [Dach] for various national teams, so we’re pretty close. I played with [Kaiden] Guhle on the World Juniors team. I know [Cole] Caufield just through a few friends we have in common and I’ve played against him quite a bit all my life. […] They all said that I would get along well with the group. I have only heard good things from them. It should be a fun band to play with, a fun band to be around and it’s good to hear that. I can’t wait to get to know the guys.


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