Newcastle should play with a jersey in the colors … of Saudi Arabia

Property of the Saudi public investment fund (PIF) since October 2021, Newcastle should wear a tunic similar to that of the Saudi selection next season. The new owners of the Toons still deny being directly linked to the Saudi state.

It’s hard to see it as a coincidence. Newcastle’s away shirt for the 2022-23 season, which has been leaked and confirmed by the Daily Mail, has some fans perplexed. Accustomed to black and white, the traditional colors of the club, the Toons will have to get used to the white and green present on this new knit. These colors, visible on the collar and sleeves, are obviously reminiscent of the jersey of the Saudi Arabia selection.

Taken over in October 2021 by the Saudi public investment fund (PIF), Newcastle is now 80% owned by the latter. If the PIF still denies being directly linked to the Saudi state, this choice of color is not confined only to the design of the jersey since the Newcastle logo has also undergone a makeover. Now entirely green, the Magpies crest takes on a Saudi look.

The news divided many supporters. While some see it as a good way to sell more shirts in the Middle East and increase the club’s turnover, others are disappointed to see the traditional colors fade away.

However, this is not the first time that the Magpies will play in green and white. During the 1999-2000 season, the away jersey used the same colors, although the green of the time was less imbued with the Saudi paw. This season, the Magpies have evolved into black and gold while on the road.

Coached by Eddie Howe, named Premier League’s best coach this season, since November 2021, Newcastle had a prolific second half of the season, coming out of the red zone to comfortably maintain their position and position themselves in the middle of the table.

Despite the financial contribution of the PIF, Newcastle should not go crazy on the transfer market this summer. With an envelope ranging from 70 to 90 million euros for the transfer window according to Sportsmail, Eddie Howe told the Daily Mail that “changing a team completely on a single transfer window was impossible.”

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