Newcastle: Jones assumes his interim status

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As the arrival of a new manager draws closer to Newcastle, Graeme Jones continues to deal with day-to-day business. Without any state of mind.

Speaking at a pre-match press conference against Brighton, Graeme jones assumes his interim status when he will be in charge of his team for perhaps the last time: “I’m taking the game tomorrow. I prepared the team all week. The owners have contacted me so I know where we are ”, he explained reports BBC Football.

An important match against Brighton

Graeme jones knows that the game remains important for the rest of the season: “We haven’t lost our focus and we know we’ve got a big game. I think the team is well prepared ” he added.

Fatalistic Graeme Jones

Personally, the Newcastle manager remains fatalistic: “I’m here to do my best for the football club and that’s what I did. An interim period means uncertainty, but we managed it and we were open and honest with the boys. The greatest quality in football is being adaptable. «  he concluded.

To love is also to share:

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