New York stands ready if Damian Lillard calls for a transfer… | NBA


For the moment, Damian Lillard has not requested a transfer but the signals sent by the leader are not good, between his obvious frustration after the new elimination in the first round of the playoffs, his messages on social networks and the controversy over the appointment of Chauncey Billups as a new coach.

Is it just a bit of pressure on his franchise, when at 31, he’s now hoping he can actually play for the title, and his four-year, $ 176 million contract extension kicks off next season?

In any case, in the other franchises, we obviously follow all this very closely. This is especially true among the Knicks, who have been “dreaming” of Damian Lillard for years, according to SNY…

It must be said that New York has a problem in the lead and that Tom Thibodeau is pushing for the club to recruit stars, as well as players capable of creating their own shot, in order to be less limited offensively. Under these conditions, Damian Lillard therefore seems to be the ideal recruit for the “Big Apple” franchise.

Except that we do not know, in the first place, if the leader is really considering leaving Portland, and above all, even in the event of a transfer request, he will undoubtedly want to join a team capable of playing the title immediately.

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