New Wizards player, Jordan Poole’s message for Bilal Coulibaly revealed!


The Wizards will have a largely overhauled workforce next year, with the flagship arrival of Jordan Poole to prepare for the future. But he will not be alone, since Bilal Coulibaly is also present, he who was chosen in the draft. The former Warrior has also taken the time to welcome him.

Rather than force for nothing with a Bradley Beal, the Wizards have (finally) decided to turn the page. The star was traded to the Suns, while the return Chris Paul was traded to the Warriors for Jordan Poole. A very interesting move for Washington, who takes the opportunity to find the future star of their project.

Fired by the Dubs, we imagine that Poole will want revenge next year. Despite a bad season, we are curious to see what he can achieve as a team’s main weapon. Let’s not forget either that he will not be alone, since the Frenchman Bilal Coulibaly will join him after his draft, following a trade with the Pacers.

Bilal Coulibaly already very popular at the Wizards

Yes but now, Washington had a serious interest in the Frenchie, author of a great season at the Mets with Victor Wembanyama. We can’t wait to see him in this new environment, and we have to believe that Poole is of the same opinion. During his press conference, Coulibaly revealed that the former Warrior quickly sent him a message.

« Jordan Poole texted me, ‘Welcome to DC, I can’t wait to work and play with you.’ »

Pretty cool of Poole, especially since he’s only just joined the Wizards too. He takes his role very seriously, especially since Coulibaly can become a very important element for the future. After all, he wasn’t picked 7th in the draft by chance. This duo could well allow Washington to dream a little in the future.

Jordan Poole and Bilal Coulibaly: the duo already promises to be interesting at the Wizards. The franchise has a solid foundation for the future, although it will take time to unlock that potential. In any case, we will follow the organization closely next year.


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