New record for a Ferrari F40

No one will dispute it: the Ferrari F40 is an iconic car. In particular because it is the very last model designed under the tutelage of Enzo Ferrari. Suddenly, the slightest specificity is an excuse to drive up prices: special tint, uncommon configuration, low mileage… And when several of these criteria are present, it’s the jackpot! Of the 1,300 F40s produced, around 200 of them were built with a configuration that complied with American standards. They are mainly recognizable by their slightly different bumpers. The copy that interests us today is practically new! It only totals 3,779 miles on the clock, or 6,082 kilometers. And the stamp of the Ferrari Classiche department is present to attest to the perfect condition of the car. With these two criteria, the bidding could only ignite. Experts from Gooding & Co have estimated its value at over 2 million euros. However, the March 4 sale largely kept its promises, since the hammer fell for this 1991 copy at 2,452,500 dollars, or 2,240,199 euros!

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