New project for LeBron, Kevin Durant in turmoil!

When he is not on the floor with a Lakers jersey, LeBron James continues to multiply projects concerning films or series, even documentaries. In partnership with Netflix, just that, the King has just announced that a new project will see the light of day for the month of October. Kevin Durant was quick to react, he who is packed.

No need to wait for retirement to see that LeBron James connects projects outside the league, he who is already planning his future. The King does not intend to stay only in the world of the orange ball, since he has carried out several challenges in the cinema, with obviously Space Jam 2. Other series should see the light of day in the coming years, and even documentaries, like October.

LeBron on a new project with Netflix!

Indeed, Netflix has just announced the big news, which should delight more than one: the Redeem Team, the famous Team USA team during the 2008 Olympic Games, will have the right to its own documentary. . The whole thing will see the light of day next October, while LeBron is involved, as is Dwyane Wade. Suffice to say that everyone is impatient for the sequel.

Netflix and the International Olympic Committee have teamed up with executive producers Dwyane Wade and LeBron James for Team Redeem, a new documentary about Team USA and their quest for gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing! Released October 7

Yes sir ! It’s going to be very special!!! @DwyaneWade 🥇🥇

Naturally, the King is eager to show more about this project. He’s not the only one hyped, as Kevin Durant quickly reacted to the news:

I needed it yesterday. I can not wait to see it

The Redeem Team will once again be the center of the spotlight in early October, with this project landing on Netflix. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have cooked up something special, with Kevin Durant being the first to follow closely. Hurry the exit.

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