New Orleans Pelicans Salaries

A good season in the NBA doesn’t just happen on the field. This also happens on the financial side! Bank management is fundamental to any NBA team, so it’s time to take a look at New York Knicks salaries for the 2022-23 season.

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Pelican salaries

UFA: non-restricted free agent RFA: restricted free agent

Financial situation in relation to the salary cap

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $150,267,000 this year.
  • The NBA Salary Cap is set at $123,655,000 this year.

With $152,401,851 contractually committed for this 2022-23 season, the Pelicans send the jackpot on very good players with very big contracts. Logic.

By getting CJ McCollum, NOLA has pledged to drop 33 million per season, making him their most expensive player. Who says competitive team says expensive team, and Brandon Ingram will also touch his 30 and some million dollars this year. Behind, Valanciunas takes his beautiful ticket and Zion receives – for the moment – ​​“only” 13 million. A great team of established and highly paid players, followed by a skewer of talented young people for prices that are reasonable to say the least. The Pels exceed the Luxury Tax threshold, but that’s the price to pay for a franchise that has gone from boring to exciting in a few months.

Players under guaranteed contracts for the 2023-24 season: 7

  • CJ McCollum
  • Brandon Ingram
  • Zion Williamson
  • Jonas Valanciunas
  • Devonte Graham
  • Larry Nance Jr.
  • Willy Hernangomez

At least it’s clear, the rest is set for the Pels who can count on all their executives for another two seasons. The 5 major is under guaranteed contract and the front office will only have to look into the files of Herb Jones, Trey Murphy III or even Kira Lewis Jr., who are kids to be counted on in the future. Zion has signed a great extension now that he’s sure he can play basketball again, as has McCollum who is settling down long term in Louisiana. The Big Three Zion-Ingram-McCollum is there until at least 2025, for no less than 100 million dollars accumulated per season from 2023. It’s going khalass on the side of the Pelicans, but we say yes every day seen the face of the project which gives us more than desire to start the season.

Three players to watch this season:

Jaxson Hayes will be a restricted free agent this summer and will have to have a great season – does he really have the potential? – so as not to find himself in a situation where the interested teams offer him a rather light contract, which the Pelicans will match in order to keep the tall spindly pivot in their roster. If he manages to confirm after his season at 9.3 points at 62% shooting, he could catch the eye of many franchises and increase his value to either stay with the Pelicans – and we will see if they count on him. for their future – or take off on a new adventure in a team that will send him a nice check.

Even though he’s been pretty good every time he’s come on the field for the Pelicans (6.2 points in 16 minutes and 78 games in 2 seasons), Kira is struggling to establish himself in the system. Pelicans and has not spent a single minute in the Playoffs since his arrival, beaten by Jose Alvarado and his energy. At the end of the year, NOLA will have the choice of whether or not to exercise the 5 million option of the 13th choice of the 2020 Draft for the year 2023-24, and if its adventure continues in this way, we are afraid. that the Pelicans decide to part with it by setting their sights on the Alvarado madness. He will have to positively convert each of his minutes spent on the floor – if there are any – to avoid being cut in 2023 and struggling to really launch his NBA adventure.

The veteran is engaged with the Pels until 2024 but his contract is not guaranteed for the 2023-24 season, and he will only be from June 2023. Nothing really maddening to report (and then there’s doesn’t really have much to eat) but it will be important to monitor his situation since he could serve a team that is aiming for the title, always precious wherever he goes. The Pelicans may want to keep him to supervise young people and play mentors, but if this is not the case, he will have to restore value to his rating without waiting too long. 36 years old, good old Garrett.

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