New Maserati Gran Turismo: here is its interior!

The second generation of the mythical Gran Turismo finally unveils its interior! After its exterior lines and its engines (V6 or electric), we were eager to know what it contained…

The Italian sports car brand maserati finally seems to have regained its place among the industry leaders ! After years of lack of innovation and financial difficulties within the former Fiat-Chrysler group, it finally intensifies its model renewals ! The recent merger between PSA and FCA to form the new Stellantis group has enabled Maserati to benefit from common synergies with the other brands of the group. It has thus pooled platforms, engines and components, in order to to improve its profitability and return to the forefront ! She is now in a position to successfully complete her transition, and catch up the gap created by Ferrari and Lamborghini. The other Italian sports brands!

Finally something new

Before the merger with PSA, Maserati presented an aging range of cars, notably sedans Ghibli and Quattroporte. Which dated from 2013 and the question of replacement remained unresolved. The successful launch in 2017 of the Levante SUV, however, allowed Maserati to save the furniture. In 2020, this return to colors was confirmed with the release of the MC 20 supercar. In 2022, she gave birth to two new models: the Grecale compact SUV and the sportswoman Second generation GranTurismo. This model was eagerly awaited, being a key model for the brand. Maserati, like many others, plans to switch to 100% electric by 2030. Fortunately, the Gran Turismo retains two V6 versions until then in its range. The 490 horsepower Modena and the Trofeo of 550 horsepower. The Trofeo is particularly impressive, with a record weight of less than 1,795 kilograms and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, for a maximum speed of 320 km/h!

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The interior is revealed…

Whether its line and its engines were known, until now this was not the case with its interior. Maserati has just unveiled it. Attention 3, 2, 1… Curtain up! The modernization and upgrading are impressive compared to the older generation of Gran Turismo! This is not a surprise, however, since Maserati has declined the same elements as on the MC20 and the Grecale. We thus discover a T-shaped dashboard, in which several touch screens are integrated. Although the buttons have disappeared (the brand speaks of 34 inches of digital surfaces), the presentation is elegant and refined. In line with Maserati DNA. The steering wheel is also taken from the Grecale, and still makes resistance to some physical commands. The new Maserati Gran Turismo will go on sale in the first half of 2023, just a few weeks before summer, to enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita…

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