New major injury at Team USA?

Great favorite of the Olympic Games to come, Team USA, however, has seen its workforce be seriously affected by injuries for several days. And the latest news is not reassuring … Indeed, a new player had to go out during the last preparation match, and it could be serious.

Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant… To say that the Team USA roster is overkill is an understatement. Armed with a squad filled with stars of the orange ball, Gregg Popovich and his coaching staff intend to become Olympic champions in Japan in a few weeks. And at the moment, it’s hard to say who could stop them!

Nevertheless, the tactician was forced to make several changes … Bradley Beal had to leave the group because of the injury protocol, while Kevin Love finally gave up following a poorly healed injury. Substitutes have also already been found, even if Popovich had to explain himself on these.

In the meantime, his team has signed a very big victory in preparation, against Spain (83-76). But this one was done with Pyrrhus … Indeed, Draymond green was injured in his turn during the meeting, following a foul by Marc Gasol. We see the Warriors player holding his elbow after the contact:

Draymond Green obviously has a very sore arm after the foul.

The interior had to leave his teammates at the next stoppage of play, and we are still awaiting the results of medical tests. If the three-time champion were to fail, it is a crucial defensive element that would be lacking in Coach Pop’s squad, especially since the latter is above all made up of offensive phenomena.

But above all, Team USA would then have to do without a real leader, capable of haranguing its troops in hot moments. Typically the kind of players that are needed to win Olympic gold, and that’s also why Draymond was selected. We will therefore have to rack our brains on a plan B to replace it …

After Bradley Beal and Kevin Love, it is therefore Draymond Green who may have to ignore the Olympics. Hopefully for him that he can return in time, but this North American team seems more and more cursed …

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