new LFA, and much more!

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda today announced the group’s electrical program. The charismatic boss recalls a funny anecdote. Asked by a Japanese journalist about his personal opinion on electrics, Toyoda explains that he had driven an electric GT86 prototype at the time, and came out of the test simply saying: « it’s an electric« . The man was not really enthusiastic about battery electric vehicles at the time. But times are changing, and so are people: if he readily admits that he did not really like this type of vehicle at the time, he admits having changed his mind with the new products, and in particular on the new e-TNGA platform.

If you already know the bZ4X SUV, we still had a few surprises. The Toyota group is planning 30 battery-powered models by 2030, from the small Toyota urban crossover designed for Europe to the sporty Lexus with first-class performance, which could well be the descendant of the very special LFA.

Toyota wants to achieve 3.5 million electric sales per year by 2030, including 1 million at Lexus which will then become an electric brand.


For the time being, Toyota’s electric catalog only includes the bZ4X, which has just been unveiled. The Japanese brand, which has always explained that the future will be multi-energy, and not just battery, seems to be putting the package on the « BEV » (Battery Electric Vehicle). Alongside the bZ4X, we will therefore find an urban crossover vaguely resembling the Yaris Cross. Akio Toyoda only gives one piece of information: a combined consumption target of 12.5 kWh / 100 km. It is indeed very low, but remember that where electrics consume the least is in the city.

One of the most anticipated models will probably be this compact C-segment SUV, again reminiscent of an existing model, namely the C-HR. It will be positioned under the bZ4X.

Let’s go up in the range, and find a large sedan and a large seven-seater SUV, which have not yet been confirmed for Europe: only the bZ4X and small crossover are.

But that’s not all ! Toyota has released images showing an electric Tundra and what appears to be a new FJ Cruiser, but these models too could be targeted primarily at markets like North America.

The most observant will have noticed on the « class photo », at the bottom, a vaguely golden coupe: we know that it wears the Toyota badge, but nothing more, unfortunately …


At Lexus, we were treated to several surprises! The design of the future RZ electric SUV, first, unveiled at the conference. Unsurprisingly, Lexus remains consistent with its range as Toyota can do: the RZ is a continuation of the current RX. We saw it briefly, it also uses the nomenclature (RZ 450).

The future electric coupe from Lexus.
The future electric coupe from Lexus.© Toyota

But what about this sporty little coupe, which was the icing on the cake. Those who dreamed of a sequel to the LFA will have to forget the atmospheric V10 but can comfort themselves with a novelty with enticing characteristics. Lexus is already talking about solid electrolyte batteries, a range of 700 km and a 0 to 100 in just over 2 seconds. The Tesla Roadster will definitely have some competition in the years to come.

Lexus finally confirms that the brand will become 100% electric in 2030 in China, Europe and the United States before being so globally five years later. The manufacturer will gradually abandon the hybrid, which has made it famous over time.

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