New fiery debate on TP: “The best all-timer?! Who thinks that? »

It’s something no one expected, but Tony Parker is experiencing a real revival of popularity across the Atlantic. Some young fans discover the qualities of the French leader, which gives rise to surprising but fascinating debates. For example, what is his place among the best finishers in league history?

The years go by, but Tony Parker’s influence in the league is still palpable. Indeed, for more and more Internet users, the French leader would be a forgotten legend, a talent that we no longer talk about enough despite his crazy track record and his place in the Spurs dynasty, one of the greatest in history. . For example, it was placed in the major 5 of the « sub-sides by a Twitter user.

But for others, he’s a player who gets a little too much love on social media and is seen as much better than he actually was. This is what emerges from the latest viral publication about him. Obviously, TP would be a legend of TikTok, which does not necessarily pass in the eyes of some. The fact that he is called « the best all-time finisher » questions:

Tony Parker best finisher in history? The fiery debate

Russell Westbrook was averaging 30 points doing that. And yet the folks at TikTok think Tony Parker is the best finisher ever

Who thinks Tony Parker is the best finisher of all time? 😭

Tony Parker was an expert at scoring in the paint with his floater picked up by all the NBA point guards, with his spin move that knocked the ball out of many defenders, and yet the idea that he was one of best finishers in history is laughable to some netizens. The debate logically took place in the comments, with rather unanimous opinions:

He’s one of the best finishers in the NBA’s best defensive era. Put some respect on his name

I wouldn’t say he’s the best finisher, but don’t disrespect Tony. Like he’s no good around the circle.

Anyone who doesn’t think Tony Parker is among the best finishing point guards of all time shouldn’t be talking about basketball. They shouldn’t even have steps. This is only acceptable for 12 or 13 year olds.

Tony Parker may not be a spectacular finisher like Kyrie Irving, he couldn’t necessarily rely on exceptional physical qualities like Michael Jordan, and yet he was indeed one of the best scorers in the paint in the years 2000′.

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