New Emails Splash NFL General Counsel

The two are put in the spotlight after exchanging a number of communications between 2009 and 2018 on various hot topics closely affecting the Washington football team, as well as the NFL.

In an email, Jeff Pash reassured Bruce Allen of the major controversies surrounding his organization, while in another, the NFL general counsel indicated that the Washington football team would not have to shell out the costs. fined $ 15,000 for manipulating the injury report.

For his part, Bruce Allen casually joked about Indigenous people and racial diversity, in addition to complaining to Jeff Pash about the work of the officials and the efforts of the Goodell Tour to improve player safety.

They also had fun with the initiatives put in place by the NFL to promote diversity and inclusion. Sometimes politics was at the center of their cordial exchanges.

The emails between Bruce Allen and Jeff Pash are among more than 650,000 that have been examined by the league, several of which were obtained by the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, as part of an investigation to shed light on serious cultural issues within the Washington football team.

This revealed that a climate of fear existed in the organization, mainly among women, some of them victims of abuse and sexual harassment. The Washington football team were fined $ 10 million by the NFL last July.

Earlier this week, other emails also came back to haunt one of the well-known faces on the Goodell Circuit and knocked him out of his job.

Jon Gruden casually wears his chin mask during a workout.

Jon Gruden

Photo: AP / John Locher

Jon Gruden handed in his resignation as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday over homophobic, racist and sexist comments, as well as offensive and foul language.

Gruden’s communications were notably directed to Bruce Allen, with whom he exchanged pictures of naked Washington football team cheerleaders while acting as a network analyst. ESPN.

The Players’ Association and lawyers representing some 40 former employees of the Washington football team are asking the league to release all emails that were viewed to conduct its investigation.

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