New broadcasting agreement | MLS soccer will be viewed next year on Apple TV — 98.5 Montreal

Major League Soccer announced on Tuesday that, starting next season, all MLS matches will be broadcast on the Apple TV platform. According to the information circulating, Apple would extend nearly $250 million for the exclusive rights to present matches on the Web.

All matches will be available, live, without exception of territory. Matches will be presented in English and Spanish. Matches featuring Canadian teams will all be presented in English and French.

The agreement with DAZN was coming to an end and MLS was looking for a new broadcaster. MLS previously garnered around $100 million in television rights per year. This $100M already represented 5 times the amount of the previous agreement.

It is not yet clear whether matches will be able to be shown on traditional television.

TV networks will have to negotiate with Apple in order to extract a certain number of games that they can present on conventional television. But we would only be talking here about the match of the week in MLS.

According to our information, people will have to subscribe to Apple TV, and then also to the MLS package.

The situation will therefore be different in each market. ESPN and Univision in the United States and Mexico would still be in on the action for those infamous Sunday night games of the week.

We do not know either if Canadian and Quebec channels will continue to present some MLS matches from next season. TVA Sports for its part has already announced that their association with the MLS is coming to an end after this season.

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