new bomb explodes over Qatar’s murky ties to FIFA

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As the World Cup in Qatar gets closer, the France team will come under increasing pressure from boycott supporters. It is that between the thousands of immigrant workers who died on the construction sites of the stadiums and the way in which the oil state obtained the organization of the competition, not to mention the many shady affairs in which its nationals are wet, including a certain Nasser al-Khelaïfi, there are many reasons not to travel to the Arabian Peninsula in November 2022.

Especially since we have the feeling that the closer the event is, the more the pace of revelations accelerates. This Sunday, the German media SonntagsBlick reveals that the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, has made the decision to reside in … Qatar and that he has registered his children in Doha. Nothing reprehensible, at first sight, even if one can be surprised that he lives so far from his place of work (in Switzerland). SonntagsBlick reveals that the links of the Swiss with the emir are increasingly strong and that this necessarily influences his major projects (African Superleague, Club World Cup with 24 teams, World Cup every two years …) . A France Football investigation published in Saturday’s issue already shows that FIFA has taken control of the African confederation, placing its men there and making senseless decisions, particularly in terms of broadcasters for its major competitions. 2022 promises to be hot for Infantino, FIFA and Qatar…

Qatar and FIFA still in the eye of the storm

Against all odds and while the headquarters of FIFA, which he chairs, is in Switzerland, Gianni Infantino has decided to move to Qatar, where he has enrolled his children in school. A move that raises questions when he seems to be under the influence of the emirate.

Raphael Nouet

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