New big accusations against Ben Simmons, scandal to come?

More seen on an NBA floor since last June, Ben Simmons paradoxically maintains his name at the heart of the news. His recent basketball-related activities, in which the 76ers are not involved, could however cost him dearly!

After several days without major developments, and without great news to be eaten, the hot issue of the offseason with the Sixers is gradually returning to the fore. Ben simmons Indeed continues to make talk about him on the side of Philadelphia, although he still has not resumed the path of competition, or even training.

This Thursday, a long paper from The Athletic signed Sam Amick thus put oil in the engine, and relaunched the endless discussions about the Australian. According to the journalist, the leaders of Philly are quietly preparing the departure of their star leader, and would have made a list of XXL targets, in which appear three huge names of the league!

A controversy around Ben Simmons… in NCAA?

Well aware of Simmons’ faltering value, the 76ers don’t expect to find a buyer in the minute. The recent basketball activities of Big Ben could also complicate their task. While absent from training sessions in the facilities of the franchise, the triple All-Star would stay in shape by participating in those … of an NCAA team. A parade that could quite simply be illegal according to Howard Eskin!

Ben Simmons’ situation at the Sixers is shameful. But Simmons could now have created a problem for Saint Joseph University. I have reported many times that he trains every now and then and scrimmages with the St Joes team. Someone from the NCAA also just told me that it might go against college league rules.

By joining the ranks of the University of Philadelphia, even on an occasional basis, Simmons could give it an advantage over its rivals. The NCAA also refuses that a professional player and subject of sponsorship contracts has any connection with it. Suffice to say that this seemingly innocuous action could put the LSU product in the sauce a little more!

Failing to want to train with his franchise of the 76ers, Ben Simmons still seems to have got into a dirty story. This will certainly not help his current image, already quite damaged!

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