New 2K notes update: Gobert and Ntilikina rewarded, Fournier sealed!


As every year, the developers of NBA 2K update every two weeks their ratings based on the actual performances of the stars of the league. Two top players are thus placed at the top of the hierarchy, while the French are experiencing varying fortunes!

It’s been a month since the NBA began its new season, and sees its various stars present divergent states of form. Some big names in the league manage to hold their rank, while others experience an onset of practice well below their standards. All these fluctuations, 2K obviously takes into account in its last simulation.

On sale since September 9, NBA 2K22 has already been able to revise its initial ratings via a first update, two weeks after the launch of the regular campaign. Between +5 and -4, Damian Lillard was notably placed as the big loser of this revision. A news has just been produced by the developers, and some big names are also seeing their rating turned upside down!

KD and Curry at the top, Gobert and Ntilikina boosted

At launch, 2K22 placed LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant and Stephen curry on an equal footing, as the best players in the league. The last two cities, thanks to their strong performances in recent days, can now boast of standing alone at the top of the ranking, with an increase of one point, for an overall of 97!

Nikola Jokic meanwhile rose to the level of LBJ and Greek Freak, going from 95 to 96. Jimmy butler in parallel continues its crazy rise. After an increase of one point during the last update (92), the leader of the Heat sees his evaluation climb to 94! Despite a slight recovery during his last outings, Damian Lillard finally continues his demotion, with a drop of 2 points (90).

In addition to these various big names in the league, the French representatives of the league were also entitled to a membership review. Main flag bearer, Rudy Gobert invites himself into the league, since he has just joined the club of players rated 90! A fair reward for the pivot of Jazz, author of remarkable performances during this first month of competition.

Still as important among the Clippers, Nicolas Batum also sees his rating improved (76, +1). Another good news for the French contingent: the rebirth of Frank Ntilikina in Dallas, transcribed in 2K (73, +1). Unfortunately, not all Frenchies are a hit these days. Hailed by the developers for his Knicks debut, with a score of 80, Evan Fournier relapsed to 78. His creepy numbers got the better of his grade !

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant untouchables, Rudy Gobert in the 90s club, Evan Fournier punished for his loss of form: 2K22 continues to adapt to reality, and does it with a certain accuracy!


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