« Neither his coach nor his teammates like him, they all have problems with him »

Not everything is rosy with some franchises, especially when it comes to their stars. One big name in particular is looking increasingly isolated within his squad, with further revelations indicating he would be unpopular within his dressing room. Hello atmosphere…

Long in the Top 5 of the Eastern Conference, the Hawks have however tumbled a little in the standings since. Now, Trae Young & co. are only 9th with a barely balanced balance sheet (16-16) and come out of another defeat, against the Bulls (110-108). Author of a 7/14 at three points (but a 9/24 overall), the superstar leader has once again failed to win his training… which clearly does not help his situation.

Indeed, not only has he been terribly clumsy in shooting since the start of the season (41% including 29% from afar), but the number 11 also raises questions with his behavior. Called to be one of the faces of the league in the future along with Luka Doncic and Ja Morant, he is however rather distinguished by tensions with his trainer Nate McMillan. An anonymous coach also confirmed that the two men did not like each other, but that it would go even further than that:

Trae Young still more isolated at the Hawks?

He doesn’t like the coach, the coach doesn’t like him and other players have issues with Trae as well.

Nice atmosphere… remember that Ice Trae had already had a complicated relationship with Lloyd Pierce, his first coach in the NBA. Obviously, this problem has now also extended to the rest of his dressing room and this is obviously very bad news when you are supposed to be the leader of the team. Internet users who follow the franchise closely have also made other embarrassing revelations about the star:

As a Hawks fan, I’ve seen him refuse to sign kids’ stuff. He walks around with his headphones on and rushes to the locker room. The fans show him that they love wearing his jerseys but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate.

Unless you have four elite defenders around him, you’ll never win anything with him as the starting point guard.

Trae Young is apparently less and less unanimous at the Hawks, when we saw him as the savior of the franchise. Still, with another four years of contract in Georgia after 2022-23, he should stay a while longer even if the franchise wanted to get rid of him.

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