Near Hornoy-le-Bourg. Calypso at the heart of the French adapted football team

Calypso ensures a great experience within the French adapted football team.
Calypso ensures a great experience within the French adapted football team. (© DR)

Originally fromArguel, near Liomer (Sum), Calypso Vauchelle, 21, continues his studies atJules Verne Picardy University of Amiens. She follows a course dedicated to sports and more particularly a master APAS, understand adapted physical and health activities.

Ultimately, its mission will be participate in the design, conduct and evaluation of intervention, prevention and education programs for people with disabilities. But why did you choose this path?

« It was what I wanted to do »

“Basically, in my family, there are people with disabilities. I have often been with them. I discovered that at the University of Amiens, there was this APAS branch. It interested me because I wanted to combine sport and disability. I started to do an internship in a disabled sports club in the city of Amiens and I immediately felt that this was what I wanted to do ”.

Calypso VauchelleStudent

This first experience is conclusive but above all offers Calypso an incredible opportunity. Indeed, a few months ago, she met Aurelien Vandenbergue. The young man is disabled and is preparing a doctorate in the same discipline as the young Samarian.

He offered to become his tutor and succeeded in getting him an internship. And not just any since it allows him to integrate theFrench adapted football team.

“It’s a great experience. I thought the France team was very strict and regulatory. Finally, I discovered a big family, with a very friendly and friendly atmosphere. With the players and the staff, I was immediately accepted ”.

« It reinforces my will »

This presence in the France team has above all confirmed his first choice.

« It reinforces my desire to work later in the handisport ».

But what precisely is his mission within this French team?

“I have to carry out experiments based on the protocol that the doctoral student, and therefore my tutor, has put in place. This is a device to keep hands warm. There is a guard which is installed just above the chair lever. With a hand that stays warm, it makes it easier to move around. I did experiments on reproducibility with skin temperature measuring devices. This will allow Aurélien Vandenbergue, who is also a manager within the France team, to complete his thesis ”.

A very good experience therefore for Calypso who does not intend to stop there. Indeed, in the future she would like to create a football section adapted to Amiens. No doubt it would make more than one happy to allow everyone to practice their favorite discipline.

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