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The big nights of college basketball are following one after the other right now, with tournaments all over the continent, including in Mexico, in Cancun, where Josh Mballa has made the powder speak. The Buffalo senior interior set his new career record at 29 points, plus 8 rebounds.

But he was not the only Frenchman to shine in the NCAA last night as Louis Lesmond (15 points) and Moussa Diabaté (14 points, 7 rebounds) also established or equaled their offensive record. In two victories, more or less difficult, not to spoil anything.

Josh Mballa dominating at 29 points!

He had already reached 27 points, against Syracuse last year. But Josh Mballa (2:01, 100kg) did even better last night with a new career record of 29 points, a very good 12/18 on shots, plus 8 rebounds.

We have to believe that the native of Bordeaux needed a little time to get used to the Cancun air. After two games at 8 points, 7 rebounds then 7 points, 9 rebounds, the 22-year-old senior interior continued last night’s finishes near the circle despite many contacts, adding a 3-point in the corner for good measure.

After shooting at 15 points and 10 rebounds last year, with the title of best defender of the MAC conference in the key, he is starting again on the same bases this season with more than 14 points and 8 rebounds on average, and this, with increasing success percentages, at 2 as well as 3-point (respectively 63% and 29%).

Moussa Diabaté returns to the charge

He had already done the blow against UNLV. Moussa Diabaté put the cover back last night in front of the small university of Tarleton. The young French interior managed a game again at 14 points, tying his own career record, but this time being even more effective at 6/7 on shots, his only failure coming at 3-points.

With his communicative energy, sometimes even a little too much like on this dunk and his celebration of a technical foul, Moussa Diabaté changed the course of the match by arriving on the floor. Beaten quite clearly by Arizona the other day, Michigan had to take revenge for this non-match. Diabaté was a major player, second best scorer of his team behind a clumsy Eli Brooks (15 points to 4/12).

The French Wolverines freshman is currently at 8 points, 6 rebounds and 1 against in 18 minutes on average over his first 6 meetings. Very encouraging for the future.

“I feel better and better, for sure. I feel more and more comfortable [dans le jeu universitaire] « , Moussa Diabaté reacted after the victory. “I mainly try to stay very focused because this type of schedule is something I’m clearly not used to. And then, the players are much more physical, it is no longer high school! I try to make sure that I am maintaining my body well and that I am staying ready. But I feel that I gain confidence as the games go on. « 

Louis Lesmond resurfaces

At -3 to 6 seconds from the end of the game, Harvard was struggling. Only a miracle could get them out of this mess. And after a poorly controlled rebound from Colgate, it was Lukas Sakota (17 points) who found inspiration with a 3-point that made the net tremble after the gong!

Harvard will confirm its « hold-up » at home in overtime, helped by 17 points from Noah Kirkwood, but also 15 points (new career record) from French shooter, Louis Lesmond.

Le Bleuet started their season well with an 11-point game, but since then it has been complicated with 4 points accumulated on their next two outings and two more missed due to injury. Yesterday evening, he had set sights for a rather convincing 6/11 overall, and that makes two victories for Harvard when his tricolor sniper exceeds ten.

Alexis Yetna, solid holder with the Pirates

In the match for third place in the Fort Myers tournament, Seton Hall won by nothing against California (62-59) behind a big game from Jared Rhoden (21 points) but the French Alexis Yetna also brought his stone in the edifice with 10 points and 7 rebounds, fully justifying his place in the Pirates’ major five.

The full stats of the Frenchies

Josh mballa (Buffalo): 29 points (12/18 shots including 1/1 3-point), 8 rebounds, 1 pass, 1 interception, 1 block, 2 stray balls in 33 minutes

Louis lesmond (Harvard): 15 points (6/11 shots including 3/6 3-point), 3 rebounds, 1 against in 32 minutes

Moussa Diabate (Michigan): 14 points (6/7 shots including 0/1 3-point), 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 stray balls in 25 minutes

Alexis Yetna (Seton Hall): 10 points (2/8 shots including 1/5 3-point), 7 rebounds, 1 interception in 25 minutes

Eddy Kayouloud (Central Arkansas): 4 points (2/4 on shots including 0/1 at 3-points), 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 stray balls in 13 minutes

The major results of the evening

Baylor – Arizona State (75-63)
Texas – California Baptist (68-44)
Memphis – Virginia Tech (69-61)
Houston – Oregon (78-49)
BYU – Texas Southern (81-64)
UConn – Auburn (115-109)
Michigan – Tarleton (65-54)
Seton Hall – California (62-59)
Florida – Ohio State (71-68)

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