NBA Youngboy announces career hiatus

Unstoppable for two years, NBA YoungBoy will make a career break. only 22 years old, young man from Stick–Red (Louisiana, States–United) account take time for him. On the clock since 2020: two albums, four mixtapes (of which colorsout January 21)two joint projects, two compilations… And a single, no later than last week.

A six month break

On instagramits producer said that other pieces would certainly soon see the light of day. « You should hear no more of YoungBoy during the next six months« , has t–he added on his own account, the rapper having deactivated his. « We have amazing sounds for you. thank you for everything.« 

All accompanied by « #healing« which can be translated as healing Where recovery.

Pause well deserved for the rapperespecially as its trouble with the law are not finished. One of his houses was made search in the night from January 26 to 27. From unregistered firearms have been seized. The same reason that had been worth a passage through the prison boxfew months ago.

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