NBA wants to eliminate intentional fouls that break counterattacks

Steve Kerr and other coaches could win their case. For several months, the Warriors coach has been campaigning for the NBA to take inspiration from FIBA ​​and set up the equivalent of an “unsportsmanlike foul” to sanction players who voluntarily cut off a counterattack. In the NBA, we distinguish on one side the “clear path foul”, and on the other the “take foul”. The first is equivalent to what is found in FIBA ​​basketball. It is a question of sanctioning with two free throws + possession a counter-attack cut in the middle of the field by a player who is the last defender.

The « take foul » are equivalent faults except that the penalized player still had teammates behind him. Basically, these are “intentional” and therefore “unsportsmanlike” faults, but which do not necessarily prevent a ready-made basket behind. They are most often committed in the opposing camp, often at the time of the rebound, and it cuts off any fast action. For now, it’s penalized as a classic foul, but there could be changes.

“We are seeing a fairly dramatic increase in take fouls”

 » As you know, this is something we are very focused on and we are considering making a change for next season.“, Silver said, referring to the elimination of these faults.  » We still have work to do with the rules commission. We will be meeting with the board again in July, which might be the time to change this rule. But as we’re seeing a pretty dramatic increase in take fouls, we feel that’s not good for the game. FIBA ​​basketball has another way of approaching this, and that’s something we would like to modify. »

One can imagine that the « take foul » are sanctioned with two free throws and possession to come. As for the “clear path foul”.

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