NBA – Victor Wembanyama (Spurs): “The next two to three months will change my life”


All was not perfect this Sunday evening. « I wish we had won the game« , launched Victor Wembanyama in particular after the defeat of his team against Portland (80-85). But otherwise, the number 1 of the last draft was responsible for setting the record straight after his first frustrating outing in Summer League with San Antonio. 27 points on 9 of 14 shooting, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks in 27 minutes: Spurs saw the real Wemby. »Personally, I think it’s normal to improve with each game. Two days ago, it was my first game. And I had so much to do with the draft… so it just makes sense.e », summed up the former Mets player from Levallois.

While he had confessed to being « felt lost on the floor“Friday evening, the French prodigy raised the bar to assert his status as number one in the draft by freeing himself from the pressure. A response that lived up to his talent and expectations. But he would have liked to raise a little more tone: « I could have done more to help my team win the game. We must continue to learn. We didn’t play at our best for the first three quarters. Then in the fourth we really dominated. It shows the personality of the team“, he explained displaying his character as a leader.


The machine is launched: Wembanyama shone with the Spurs


I am ready to make all the sacrifices for the team

If he has partly swept away certain questions about his ability to adapt to his new environment – « Here in the Summer League, there is more space on the floor (compared to the Betclic Elite), more talent too, I prefer« , he judged -, Wembanyama is now impatiently awaiting the sequel. Because if he chose not to go to Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan to play the 2023 World Cup at the end of August with the team of France, a big program awaits him.

He already intends to move away from the microphones and the press a little to refocus a little more on what he loves: basketball. « Last month, I think basketball wasn’t even 50% of my schedule« said the former Nanterre player. »I know it’s a special moment in my life, but honestly, I’m glad it’s over. I just want to play basketball, train and lift weights. Because this is my life« .

And if he has to do with the Spurs for his schedule, the giant with such an atypical profile in the world of the orange ball is eager to get back to work before really starting with his franchise during training camp for the next season. beginning of October. « I am ready to make all the sacrifices for the team. I have to see with the Spurs organization to find out what will be done in the next few months, when I will go on vacation, return to work and where. (…) I have two or three months – two or three wonderful months – which are coming and which will change my life« .


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