NBA Trade Deadline 2015: you know it was madness when Woj drops a « Good lord » in the middle of the evening

The NBA Trade Deadline 2022 is getting closer and closer, and we obviously hope it will be lively. Animated how? Like in 2015, when it was truly madness in the world of the Big League. Back to a trade deadline that will have marked the recent history of the NBA.

February 19, 2015 will remain a significant date. And for those who weren’t following the NBA at the time, we’re here to redo the evening for you. In the last hours before the deadline, the GMs are panicking in all directions to set up trades at random. The Woj – star insider of the NBA – then enters the dance to put Twitter in PLS. Adrian Wojnarowski (because that’s his real name) really has the fingers warm, he who unleashes a plethora of tweets in the space of just two minutes after the 9 p.m. deadline. Between 9:03 p.m. and 9:05 p.m. French time, he cracks his knuckles to write as fast as Jim Carrey in Almighty Bruce. Proof of the intensity of this evening, even the insider at Yahoo at the time allows himself to tweet his mood even though he very rarely expresses himself on Twitter apart from breaking news. At the end of his incredible series of tweets, he lets out a “Good lord” that says it all.

At the same time, when we see the multitude of trades that characterized this evening, we understand that the Woj needed to decompress with these two words. This deadline notably saw Kevin Garnett return to Wolves, Boston recover a certain Isaiah Thomas, Denver steal the precious Will Barton from the Blazers while moving JaVale McGee to the Sixers. Detroit will also recover the point guard Reggie Jackson stung at the Thunder, who will manage to scrape Enes Kanter at the Jazz to pair with Steven Adams. As for the Heat, they will bring in the two Dragic brothers, the Bucks will try Michael Carter-Williams, while losing Brandon Knight who will try his luck in Arizona… In short it was a mess without name and again, there, these are only the major trades. There were also small complement players moved to the four corners of the United States, with draft picks galore. That evening, the NBA was on fire and made the trade deadline an unmissable event in a season. She also brought the Woj into another dimension, into that of the insiders’ GOAT. And this season again, we should have a lot of movement, particularly monitoring the situation in Indiana or Portland, and keeping an eye on who will recover the PJ Tucker-like to win a title… Lots of questions for this year, but what is certain is that Adrian Wojnarowski, Shams Charania, Marc Stein & Cie are already in the starting blocks for a crazy evening on February 10th.

The 2015 trade deadline will forever mark the history of the NBA on Twitter. An exhausted Woj, trades galore… The perfect evening for any basketball fan. Looking back on 2015, we all hope to experience the same February 10 madness.

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