NBA Top 10 of the day: Trae Young sent John Collins in the air, and you already know the rest

New NBA night and therefore new night of highlights, with the Hawks in aerial demonstration and a well-clutched Jaren Jackson Jr. in Utah. Send what? Send the NBA Top 10!

  • Steven Adams connection – Desmond Bane activated, one of the 18 different connections of this beautiful Grizzlies team
  • thanks to LaMelo Ball for admitting he stashed a turbo engine in his shorts
  • How does Mr. John Collins go in terms of hang time? …
  • alley-oop between DJ Augustin and Kenyon Martin Jr., these Rockets never cease to amaze, nah we’re kidding
  • Terry Rozier in Scary Terry mode, and it’s Justin Holiday who goes in Scary Movie mode
  • huge Josh Hart putback, these Pelicans never cease to amaze, nah we’re kidding
  • the return of the Frooooooooo!
  • Coby White really understood what it felt like to take a fat Lithuanian in the buffet
  • Trae Young… John Collins… as usual eh
  • Jaren Jackson Jr. for the win, in Salt Lake City, in Rudy Gobert’s face, and this sentence is more than enough on its own

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