NBA: Tony Parker enrages, he drops a huge announcement


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NBA: Tony Parker enrages, he drops a huge announcement

Published on June 25, 2023 at 6:35 p.m.

While the news of French basketball is of course marked by the arrival of Victor Wembanyama on the side of the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker continues to be talked about. The legendary leader of the Texas franchise recently delivered a terrible report on the French mentality. This is also not the first time that TP is loose on his compatriots.

Best player in the history of French basketball, Tony Parker is regularly noticed for his speeches with sometimes very clear-cut opinions. The president of ASVELwho will soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the NBAhas not only made friends lately, in particular because of his positions on the French mentality…

« For me it’s France, we are always complaining »

Present in interview for SEEKER, Tony Parker has also given a layer on this subject. When discussing the non-selection in the draft of Nadir Hifi, TP spoke about the mentality of the French. “I like Nadir Hifi because he has balls. It can be perceived as arrogance, and everyone tells me that since I arrived here. It reminds me of me. If he was American no one would have said anything, people would have taken that for confidence, it would have been great, but since he’s European it’s arrogance. That’s France. For me it’s France, we are always complaining »says the former leader in comments relayed by Let’s talk basketball.

« We should be inspired by the best in the United States »

« We should be inspired by the best in the United States, they all have great confidence in themselves »asserts Tony Parker. “We should take inspiration from the culture of winning that the Spaniards have. That’s why I love this country and why I try to recruit Spaniards. There are reasons these people always win. When you have a kid like that, talented, you shouldn’t try to put him down and want to change him. ».


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