NBA: The war is over at the Lakers for Russell Westbrook


At the start of the 2021/2022 season, the Los Angeles Lakers had one of the most impressive teams on paper. However, while the Angelinos completely missed each other, Russell Westbrook was sometimes blamed. In difficulty, Brodie also had to deal with tensions with Frank Vogel, but everything now seems to be going better for the leader with the arrival on the bench of Darvin Ham.

That this season was difficult for the Los Angeles Lakers. After a failed campaign, the Angelinos had nevertheless strengthened themselves by welcoming Russell Westbrook to form an incredible trio with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. However, nothing went as planned, since the Purples and Gold didn’t even make the playoffs. A total poor performance, for which the 2017 MVP, who was not bothered by injuries unlike his two teammates Big Threehas regularly been held responsible.

Westbrook has had a tough season

These last years, Russell Westbrook had accustomed NBA fans to incredible stat lines. The only player in history to have completed three consecutive seasons in triple doubles, the leader had one of the worst seasons of his career for his debut in the jersey of the Los Angeles Lakers. If its averages 18.5 points; 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists might sound great for most league players, that doesn’t pass for a player of the caliber of brodie, and the fans made it clear to him, regularly pointing the finger at him. A difficult situation for the native of Long Beach, who also had to deal with tensions with the coach Frank Vogel.

Tensions with Frank Vogel

It could be felt, but all was not well between Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook. The 33-year-old was benched several times by his manager at the end of the season, and the two men didn’t really seem to like each other. According to journalist Dan Woike, it was clear: “Russ has never respected Frank Vogel since day one. As soon as Frank explained to the players that whoever got the rebound could come upfield with the ball in hand, which is how the NBA is played today, Russ said, « No, I’m the point guard. Give- me just the ball. After that, everyone just runs.” (…) That’s how it started”. Tensions which were confirmed later, after the dismissal of the 49-year-old coach. Indeed, Brodie had returned to his relationship with him, confirming that it was not mad love on the tactician’s side: “To be honest, I find it unfortunate because I’ve never had a problem with my coaches before. No coach, no player, no manager… I don’t know what his problem with me was or I don’t know why… I can’t really give you an answer that we really never connected. As soon as I arrived here, I did not have the chance to do what I am capable of doing for a team and a franchise”. However, with the arrival of Darvin Ham to succeed Vogel, Westbrook can now count on a trainer who has confidence in him.

“He and I have a very good relationship”

Whereas Russell Westbrook has been pointed out several times to explain the problems of Los Angeles Lakers, Darvin Ham mentioned the case of the leader. Everything seems to be going well for the 2017 MVP, who has a good relationship with the new coach of the Angelinos : “I’m very excited about the idea of ​​coaching Russ. They try to blame everything on him, and that’s one of the things that excites me the most about this job. He and I have had a very good relationship since I accepted this position. confided the 49-year-old tactician, in remarks relayed by USA Basketball.

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