NBA: The only players in history to have always been All-Stars

For many, being selected for an All-Star Game is an achievement in the NBA. As proof, the tears of Rudy Gobert in 2019, when the Frenchman had not participated in this match bringing together the best players in the league. In history, they are only five to have been All-Stars throughout their career, from the first to the last year. A feat that even Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant failed to achieve.

Next February 19, the best players of the NBA will meet at Salt Lake Cityin L’Utahto participate in the All Star Game. It has been 30 years since this annual event took place on the grounds of the Jazz. Rudy Gobert, who left the franchise last summer to join the timber wolveswill be keen to participate, he who was particularly affected when he was not selected in 2019. It must be said that participating in a All Star Game is a goal for all players in the NBA. Some have even been lucky enough to be selected throughout their careers.

Yao Ming and Julius Erving

On the other hand, they are only five to have achieved this feat. To start with Yao Minga somewhat special case since he only played nine seasons in NBA (2002-2011). Affected by numerous injuries, the 2m29 pivot has always been retained, even in the years when he played much less, because of the enormous support he received in China. Julius Erving also participated in all All Star Games in his career, even before the merger between the ABA and the NBA in 1976. Between 1971 and 1987, Dr.J has always been there.

Jerry West, Bob Pettit and Paul Arizin

Same thing regarding jerry west. The iconic player Lakers, from 1960 to 1974, was capped every time in his 14-year league career. three years older than Bob Pettit (1954-1965), former player of St. Louis Hawks, which is also part of this list. Finally, Paul Arizin had also achieved this feat, between 1950 and 1962. It should be noted that he had taken a two-year break in his career, in order to enlist in the American army for the Korean War.

A feat out of reach for LeBron James

Several legends of the NBA have not or will not be able to achieve this feat. Michael Jordan had missed a single participation in the All Star Game, in 1995, a year in which he only played 17 games. Same thing for LeBron James and Kobe Bryantwho were not selected in their rookie year. KAreem Abdul-Jabbar (1978) and Isiah Thomas (1993) meanwhile had been absent due to a suspension following a fight. Larry Bird (1989) and Magic Johnson (1981) due to injury. Bill Russellthe most successful player in the history of the NBAhad not participated in his first season, in 1957, during which he had missed 24 games for an injury.

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