NBA summary of January 14, 2022

Another busy night in the NBA with no less than nine games on the program. Posters everywhere across the Atlantic, big stats all over the place, here is our summary of the night of January 14!

The performance of the night: The Warriors are off to a good start, Chicago is no longer advancing

The shock of the night in the NBA came to an end. Yet deprived of Klay Thompson, spared for the time being during back-to-back, and Draymond Green still injured in the knee, the Warriors atomized the Bulls at the United Center. 138-96, there was never a match. A real beating started from the kickoff, where Steph Curry (19pts) but above all his whole gang took matters seriously. 31pts behind at the break, 78 points conceded, Chicago was never deceived. For once, DeMar DeRozan was very discreet (17pts). When in addition, he can not count on his sidekick .. Indeed, Lavine was injured, from the start of the match, in the left knee. Nothing very serious at first sight, but difficult without him to resist the ardor of the Warriors, very comfortable long distance throughout the evening (19/42 to 3pts). Everyone participated in the party, but if one had to stand out, it was Jonathan Kuminga. Author of 25pts (at 10/12 to shoot!) off the bench, the rookie finished one unit away from his career high. But the important thing is elsewhere: with more than 25min of playing time, he continues to grow, and brings more and more to the rotation of the Californians. This victory breaks the series of four defeats over the last five games. Speaking of series, Chicago is in the process of creating, without wanting to, a small one. Defeated in Brooklyn the day before yesterday, Billy Donovan’s men have just lost three times in the last four meetings. Nothing alarming, Chicago still sits at the top of the Eastern Conference (watch out for the Heat!), but we can clearly see that if Lavine or DeRozan, or even both, are not at their prime, it is difficult in the big posters to hope anything. Despite his very good match, Nikola Vucevic (19pts at 9/13 to shoot, 14rbds, 5asts) did not weigh on the outcome of the meeting.

The other NBA games of the night:

End of series for the Grizz! After ten consecutive victories, Memphis lost at home to Dallas. Yet in the lead at the break (55-50), Ja Morant’s teammates (19pts, 8asts but also 8 ball losses) completely missed out in the second half, little helped by an address at half mast (22% long distance). For his part, Luka Doncic went there with his little triple double (27pts, 12rbds, 10asts) and everyone participated in the celebration on the side of the Mavs, seven players finishing at 10pts or more. The Texans continue their good series, chaining a seventh victory over the last eight meetings. Still in the West, Phoenix has consolidated its beautiful first place in the conference by going to atomize amorphous Pacers. Yet roughly in the blow at the start of the last quarter (-4), Indiana was shattered in the money-time. The LeVert-Holiday-Sabonis trio scored more than half of the points, impossible under these conditions to hope to annoy a collective like that of the Suns. Led by an inspired Booker (35pts) and an Ayton who finds sensations (27pts, 12rbds), Phoenix has validated the second stage of his roadtrip which will see him then go to Detroit, San Antonio, and Dallas.

If Phoenix continues to prance at the top of the Western Conference, Miami is not very far from that in the East. Very happy to see Jimmy Bulter back in shape (23pts, 10asts) and valuable in money time, the Heat brought down Atlanta at the FTX Arena. After a first period all fired up won 70-64 by the Hawks, Spoelstra tightened the screw, and the Floridians, always carried by a collective to make more than one green (all the players of 5 scored at least 13pts ) ultimately prevailed. Everything is smiling in Miami, especially since Bam Adebayo is expected to return early next week. If the Heat is getting dangerously close to the chair of the Bulls leader, Philadelphia is not very far either. While Embiid unfortunately ended his streak of eight straight games at 30pts or more, only tying Iverson and Chamberlain’s record, the Sixers bounced back after the loss to the Hornets at home. Faced with sick Celtics, left to fend for themselves and especially the success of the Tatum-Brown duo, Doc Rivers’ men had no trouble taking the lead very quickly. +18 at the end of the first quarter, +20 at halftime, the match was already over. Without being transcendent, Philly gleans a ninth success in eleven games and returns very close to the Milwaukee Bucks, currently on the podium. For Boston, on the other hand, reaching the play-in, in this slump, would already be a good thing.

NBA MVP of the Night:

Luka Doncic. Because it had been a long time since the former Real player had been so complete, with this nice triple double. Because, although clumsy at three points (0/6), he was able to manage the tempo of the match to leave no hope for Memphis. Because opposite, the Grizzlies remained on ten consecutive successes, and therefore, bringing them down at home is a small feat. Finally, for supremacy. Ja Morant considers himself one of the very best in his position? Doncic set things right, delivering a basketball masterclass at FedExForum. A well-deserved honorary title of MVP of the night for the Slovenian.


• The Cleveland Cavaliers. However, we regularly say to ourselves that they will necessarily drop in level. That they will crack at one time or another. That the absences on injury for the season of Rubio, of Sexton will harm them. But halfway through the season, Cleveland is still there. Again victorious in San Antonio tonight, Bickerstaff’s men chained a third consecutive victory, the fourth in their five games played during this road trip to the West. Once again guided by an excellent Darius Garland (32pts, 8asts), the Cavs consolidate their sixth place in the East, synonymous with direct access to the playoffs. And that is quite a surprise.

• De’Aaron Fox and his whole gang of Kings. Yes, everything is far from perfect, Sacramento is still light years away from the strongest teams in its conference. But the Californians cling, with their weapons, to this 10th qualifying place for the play-in. We had to take the match against the Rockets, something done without trembling. Marvin Bagley regaled (26pts, 13rbds) and the fox once again exposed his versatility in broad daylight (27pts, 6rbds, 8asts). It holds for the Kings, hoping that fans see the post-season, finally, 16 years later.

The flops:

The Charlotte-Toronto duo. Hornets and Raptors, in the fight for the play-in, or even direct access to the playoffs, had a great opportunity to put pressure on the competition, by facing respectively the Magic and the Pistons, namely the two worst NBA teams. . Failed, of course. Yet strong with four consecutive successes, including two against the Bucks and one in Philadelphia, the Hornets foiled at the Spectrum Center, against an Orlando team well led by Franz Wagner (19pts at 8/11, 6rbds , 7asts, 2blks), possibly on their way to interfere in the ROY discussion. For the Raptors, registering only 87 pts to one of the worst defenses in the league which collects on average more than 110pts per game is malpractice. If VanVleet and Siakam, 47pts between them, rather did the job, the rest of the collective was unable to put in difficulty a team not yet known to be a league monster. But casually, with this 5th success in eight games, the Pistons please their fans.

The results :

Charlotte / Orlando : 109-116

Detroit / Toronto: 103-87

Indiana / phoenix : 94-112

Philadelphia / Boston: 111-99

Chicago / Golden State : 96-138

Miami / Atlanta: 124-118

San Antonio / Cleveland : 109-114

Memphis / dallas : 85-112

Sacramento / Houston: 126-114

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