NBA summary of January 13, 2022

Memphis is still so sovereign and unstoppable, Golden State never stops suffering setbacks, Brooklyn falls back into its traps and Jokic takes Denver to the pinnacle… It was an NBA night rich in intensity, emotions and twists.

The perf of the night: we can’t stop the Grizzlies anymore,

Everyone talks about it and they give it back to us. And if we have to add to that, the fact that they have decided not to lose anymore and that Ja Morant is playing more than ever in another dynasty, it is now almost a crime of lèse-majesté to refrain from following the games of the Grizzlies so much the boys of Memphis make us see green, wonderful and subliminal since their incredible series that no one wants to see stop…
They were on a 10-game winning streak heading into tonight’s game against the T’Wolves, whose dynamic contrasts in many respects with that of the hosts. Memphis therefore had the favor of all the forecasts but it was without counting on a Ja Morant in a day  »without ». Facing the Big 3 of Minnesota Edwards-Towns-Russell which has long shaken the Grizzlies, it took the hosts to count on an illuminated John Konchar to hoist Memphis on the podium of an 11th row victory and a 3rd place more than never deserved in the West.

The other NBA games of the night:

Bucks crush Warriors, Nets brood over Thunder, Nuggets smash Blazers

The second in the West who moves to the fourth in the East, Stephen Curry against Giánnis Antetokoúnmpo, it was not complicated to send Morpheus to graze and to wake up at 1:30 at night for this long-awaited shock, this meeting which opposed two sphinxes from the ball to the basket. If we gladly left the land of dreams to land in front of this match, some Warriors fans must have certainly regretted having gone from wonderland to nightmare game bag because on this opposition, GSW quite simply crushed black in large proportions. Losses of bullets still just as recurring, a simply awful address with or without open shots for Steve Kerr’s foals, while opposite, we leveled up, we set the target: the spraying machine was exit.

Two players will have mainly made the moment hellish for Steph Curry and his teammates: Giánnis Antetokoúnmpo intractable and unsinkable, author of 30 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists and Khris Middleton still as mobile and surgical in the decisive moments. At the break, the gap is simply staggering: 39 points. Back from the locker room, the Warriors will deceive and try somehow to pick up the score with in particular a revived Andrew Wiggins (Curry missed his match) but it’s already too late. Bucks win hands down
118 against 99.

On the other floors, fourth game in five days for the Nets and Steve Nash who decides to leave Kevin Durant and Patty Mills to rest. Kyrie Irving unvaccinated, still not allowed to play at home. As a result, Brooklyn was apathetic and completely sluggish at home. It was enough for the Thunder to bone a team that has made inconstancy its companion in misfortune for a few weeks. With a gala Shai Gilgeous-Alexander author of 33 points, OKC won 130-109 at Barclays Center.
In Denver, consistent and close-knit Nuggets blasted Blazers still orphaned by Damian Lillard (long-time injured) 140 to 108. Playing at home and facing the Clippers deprived of their scout Paul George, the New Orleans Pelicans did not experienced undue difficulties in overcoming their evening opponent. The score says a lot about the unexciting level of play displayed by the visitors and the gap on the abyssal blow between the two teams: 113 to 89.

NBA Night MVP,

For this NBA summary of the night of January 13, 2022, we will particularly highlight the individual performances of Anthony Edwards and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Cacique of the infernal trio of the Timberwolves alongside KAT and D’Angelo Russell, Anthony Edwards asserts himself over the meetings as a very great future. Still author last night of a first-class performance, the back of Minnesota found the basket 30 times despite the loss against Memphis. The other who burst onto the screen last night and never ceases to light up the Oklahoma sky is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Author of a capital and crowned performance of 33 points, the leader was the main architect of the Thunder’s victory on the Brooklyn floor.


Harden and Gilgeous-Alexander: respectively second and best scorer of the opposition which saw them face each other this night.

The Anthony Edwards-D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns trio: 30-29 and 25 points were respectively scored by each link of this fiery trio whose individual talent, cohesion and level of performance sublimate more than one .

the flops,

Stephen Curry: with only 12 points and a mind-blowing clumsiness that hardly resembles him, the leader of the Warriors was like his team, tasteless, confused, sluggish…
Gary Payton II: The former Wizard was simply ghostly with a zero point in the basket in the final score. A desert of performance to quickly forget.
Nicolas Batum: With the absences of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers have been idling for a few weeks and it’s not the French with this kind of performance that will make the sun’s rays shine and consolidate. Batum author of 6 points on the meeting did not bring much to his team.

NBA summary: results for the night of January 13, 2022

Denver Nuggets / Portland Trail Blazers: 140-108
Brooklyn Nets / Oklahoma City Thunder: 109-130
New Orleans Pelicans / Los Angeles Clippers: 113-89
Milwaukee Bucks / Golden State Warriors: 118-99
Memphis Grizzlies / Minnesota Timberwolves: 116-108

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