NBA – Stephen Curry, a legendary performance that must wake up the Warriors

If ever some still thought that Stephen Curry did not raise his level of play once in the NBA Finals, all under the pretext that he was never named MVP at this stage of the competition, last night’s game is came to break this unjustified reputation. The Warriors point guard delivered a legendary performance, undoubtedly one of the most exceptional and important of his career.

A 43-point outing to bend the Celtics in front of their audience (97-107). A success that allows his team to equalize at 2-2 before a decisive Game 5 at home. 43 points scored mainly on individual exploits, with distant three-point shots, sometimes very distant, and difficult, sometimes very difficult. « He wasn’t going to let us lose. I could guess just by looking at it for two dayssays Draymond Green. He was amazing. He carried us on his back. His determination carried us to victory. A really important victory. We had no right to lose. He came and showed why he is one of the best players of all time.« 


A Curry of very great evenings puts the Warriors at height


Curry saved the Warriors

The error was effectively a ban for the Warriors. If they lost, they would have trailed 3-1. A historically (almost) insurmountable chasm. They know something about it since they are the only ones to have lost finals after being ahead on the same score. Curry wasn’t going to let them lose, indeed. But his teammates almost let him bow. Because the maestro must have felt lonely at times in attack.

As if none of his partners were able to put baskets. Klay Thompson (18 points) lacked skill for most of the game before waking up in the fourth quarter. Green is completely off the mark when it comes to taking a shot. In the end, Steph scored more points on his own than all the rest of the major five.

He did it in a style all his own but which, paradoxically, deviates completely from the DNA of the Warriors. Usually focused on the game on the move, doubling passes and the fluidity of the movement of the ball, the Californians have abandoned their principles to essentially serve their best player and do everything so that he can find himself in scoring position. « We just try to help him as much as possible by creating space for him and making sure he can find his spots on the pitch.“, continues Green.

Warriors supporting cast needs to step up

Concentrated, determined, Stephen Curry delivered a new demonstration after three very high quality matches since the start of these finals. A Herculean performance just two days after hurting his leg in the final minutes of Game 3. »It wasn’t a factor at all apparently.notes Steve Kerr. Boston has the best defense in the league. The Celtics are big and powerful in every position. Steph has to absorb the pressure the whole game and he still managed to defend. I think he has never been so physically strong.« 

Be careful not to make it reach its limits too quickly. To make the difference, the 34-year-old spent most of the match with the ball in his hands. He looked for the best duel possible for him possession after possession, forcing the changes of defenders on the screens to then attack his vis-à-vis. All while being harassed by Marcus Smart, the best defender of the year in title. It requires a monstrous burst of energy. « He has an amazing heart« , Thompson points out about his partner. « Sometimes we take what he does for granted. We’ll have to be there to help him on Monday.The full-back even described his pal’s performance of the night as « probably his best » finally.

Stephen Curry is clearly going to need his partners. The Warriors are not immune to a night with a little less skill from their superstar. And there, they will have to find other solutions. The Golden State team put themselves in a dominant position by tying at 2-2 just before a decisive Game 5 at home. She can count on the best player in the series. But it would be good if he could count on all the other players in his training.


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