NBA season 2021-22, the satisfactions after a month of competition

After the hasty conclusions always come the first satisfactions, the real ones this time. Who is beating up this start of the season? Who amazes? Which confirms ? Which players? Which teams? We look at it, in an aperitif to come out, obviously, in a few months to have a good laugh.

The Bulls who play like in 96, Evan Mobley or Scottie Barnes launched in pursuit of the Rookie Of the Year trophy, the Wizards in the lead in the East and Kevin Durant too strong for us humans. The Clippers and their Paul George in MVP mode, the Suns who whistle and the Mavs who surprise. There are many satisfactions at the start of the season, and if some will perhaps remain in a flash in the pan and others are certainly the first pages of very beautiful stories … it was necessary to ask yourself a little, for good weigh every element of this first month of competition.

The hardest part is not necessarily to reach the summits but rather to stay there, but for all these teams we are talking about today, for all these players, we can always say … that the start of the 2021-22 season will have been validated with mention. We are talking about it ?

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