NBA: Robert Sarver, accused of racism and misogyny, will let go of the Phoenix Suns


In an untenable situation following his racist, misogynistic and sexist remarks, Robert Sarver has no other choice but to sell his Phoenix Suns franchise. His departure was demanded by many voices deeming his one-year suspension by the NBA insufficient.

Robert Sarver, who was accused of racist, misogynistic and sexist behavior in an investigation, supported by testimony from more than 70 Suns employees, was under pressure from all sides. After the announcement, LeBron James did not fail to react « I am very proud to be part of a league committed to progress ! »

Many voices – players, officials, managers, partners – had risen against the decision of the NBA. Suns vice-president Jahm Najafi, who also has a stake in the franchise, had called for Sarver to leave, while players’ union executive director Tamika Tremaglio said he shouldn’t « never again hold a management positionin the league after his conduct. Sponsor PayPal had even threatened to end its partnership with the franchise.



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