NBA program: the Bucks and the Lakers are out but it’s the Butler duel

Already two weeks since the return of the NBA and we do not lose the rhythm. For this Tuesday, only five meetings but a nice program despite everything. Luka Doncic against Jimmy Butler, the Jazz who goes on tour to Sacramento, the 2021 Champions on the road to Cade Cunningham, the Lakers in search of certainties and the Pelicans who fly to Arizona. Casually, there will be a lot of people on the floor.



  • 0h: Pistons – Bucks
  • 0h30: Mavericks – Heat (on beIN Sports 2)
  • 2h: Jazz – Kings
  • 3h: Suns – Pelicans
  • 3:30 am: Lakers – Rockets (on beIN Sports 4)


Dallas Mavericks – Miami Heat (0:30): Of the five games of the night, he is the most enticing and the most indecisive. Dallas against Miami, Florida against Texas, Jimmy Butler against Luka Doncic, and especially two franchises that are in the positive. The Mavericks are based on four wins and two losses, Heat side is five wins and one loss. The Floridians seem the fittest, they who are surfing a series of four consecutive wins. Worn by your favorite café owner’s favorite coffee maker, Miami is moving to Texas to boost its balance sheet. As for Jimmy Butler, freshly crowned player of the week in the East, he hopes to continue to grind his opponents night after night. With 25.3 points, 7 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game, the Houston native will be the main danger tonight. Be careful though with the rest of the Heat who can quickly ignite with Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Kyle Lowry… Only Bam Adebayo could miss the meeting. On the other hand, the chief gunner is necessarily Luka Doncic who has 22.6 points, 8.5 rebounds and 7.5 assists. The Slovenian is starting to get off to a good start and the Heat could pay the price. For the Texans, Maxi Kleber will stay on the sidelines tonight and Porzingis could keep him company. Two teams capable of anything, two hot leaders who face each other, meet at 12:30 am for the fireworks display.


  • The Pistons with Cade Cunningham receive Bucks diminished by injuries. a golden opportunity for a second victory this season?
  • Rudy Gobert ravaging the Kings racket to hit the TTFL top pick? You won’t be able to say that you haven’t been told.
  • Pelicans don’t eat cacti, although there is one that eats quite a bit of stuff.
  • Lakers – Rockets? The opportunity to see LeBron James play against a team of which half of the players could be the age of his offspring.


You will understand, still no respite for the NBA. Five games are on the program tonight, with heavy and less heavy. See you on the field in full uniform at the stroke of midnight!

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