NBA program: 9 games on the menu including a Bulls

It’s already Friday, the week has gone by at breakneck speed and it’s time to relax in front of the NBA before starting the weekend. We’re warning everyone at home: tomorrow it’s late in the morning because the night promises to be lively. Bulls – Warriors first, then a big Ja Morant – Luka Doncic duel afterwards.


  • 1 hour : Pacers–Suns
  • 1 hour : Hornets – Magic
  • 1 hour : Pistons – Raptors
  • 1 hour : Sixers–Celtics
  • 1h30 : Bulls – Warriors (on beIN Sports 1)
  • 2 hours : Heat – Hawks (on beIN Sports 4)
  • 2h30 : Spurs – Cavaliers
  • 4h : Kings–Rockets
  • 4h : Grizzlies–Mavericks


Bulls-Warriors (1h30) : the number 1 of the East against the number 2 of the West: the poster of the evening was not very complicated to find. Only downsides of the evening, Klay Thompson is preserved (the Warriors are back-to-back) while Draymond Green will still be absent, while on the Bulls side, it is Derrick Jones Jr. who is forfeited after his injury against the Nets . We’ll forgive you if you miss the first matches of the night, but from 1:30 am if you’re not in front of your screen, it’s because – somewhere – there’s a little problem. The context is more favorable because the two teams need to revive. The Bulls are coming off a humiliating spanking against Brooklyn and the Golden State Warriors have lost four of their last five games, including one against the Bucks yesterday. So we have two teams that will be keen to redeem themselves for their recent performances. On the side of the Bulls as of the Californians, it usually plays well together with supra-smooth and spectacular individuals, so this confrontation is recommended by all ophthalmologists for good eye health. DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball, Stephen Curry, the future All-Star Andrew Wiggins… it should sparkle so we take a large thermos of coffee to last until 1:30, and we wait patiently for the start of the meeting.


  • The Grizzlies can make the pass of 12 against the Mavs, especially since Dallas is deprived of its unicorn Kristaps Porzingis (COVID protocol). Ja Morant versus Luka Doncic, it will send wood.
  • Historical poster in the East between Philly and Boston. Shake Milton and Danny Green won’t be there but – with all due respect – that shouldn’t upset the game.
  • Pacers – Suns: we want to wish Indiana good luck…
  • The Hornets are chaining victories at the moment and the Magic are chaining defeats… No need to draw a picture to explain to you that the evening promises to be complicated for the Floridians.
  • Raptors – Pistons: Cade Cunningham broke his career high in scoring against the Jazz overnight Monday to Tuesday, so we’ll see what the rookie is up to tonight.
  • Can the Hawks do worse than worse against the Heat?
  • The Kings-Rockets game? Uh… Honestly blah… We’re going to bet on a new game-winner from Kevin Porter Jr. to spice things up a bit.

See you at 1:30 a.m. for a very heavy match, before going to see a little later if Ja Morant manages to get into orbit after a chase-down block.

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