NBA – Pascal Siakam plants 52 points to stop the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets humiliated the Warriors

The player: Pascal Siakam releases the game of his life to stop the Knicks

After losing 7 games in a row, the Raptors had to revive themselves so as not to sink too deeply in the Eastern Conference standings. But the mission did not look easy at Madison Square Garden to face the Knicks there on a dynamic completely opposite to theirs. New York remained on 8 consecutive successes – the best current series in the NBA – before falling against Toronto last night (106-113). It took a great Pascal Siakam for the Canadian franchise to achieve this mini-feat.


The roller coaster for the Knicks, Jokic and the Imperial Nuggets


The interior All-Star established the best performance of his career by registering 52 points! Also with 9 rebounds and 7 assists, all at 17 of 25 on shots and 16 of 18 on free throws. Sticking 50 points to the defense of the Knicks, one of the most effective in the championship, represents a sacred performance. It is ultimately a reflection of Siakam’s current level of play, which is having its best season with the pros.

The game: Donovan Mitchell and the Cavaliers bring down the Bucks

Americans call it « a statement win. » The Cavaliers hit hard by taking over the Bucks (114-106), first in the Eastern Conference and best NBA record, despite 45 points from Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Greek double-MVP delivered an impressive performance – his game the most prolific of the season – but Donovan Mitchell (36 points) and his teammates did not crack.Already beaten twice by Milwaukee, the Cleveland players were able to cope to resist the late return of the 2021 champions.

Mitchell scored 15 points in the third quarter and his team then took a 24-point lead. The Bucks then led the revolt, even returning to 5 short lengths. The All-Star guard continued to be aggressive in the final minutes, including a 9 of 9 behind the free throw line in the fourth quarter. A composure that allowed the Ohio franchise to win under pressure.

« Cavaliers are very dangerous“, remarked Antetokounmpo.”They have very good players and a great system.« And they’re getting closer and closer to first place in the East. Both Cleveland and Milwaukee have the same number of wins, 22, with 2 more small losses for the Cavaliers.

The stat: 91

Like the number of points conceded by the Warriors in the first half against the Nets. A franchise record for Brooklyn. Kevin Durant (23 points) and his teammates took advantage of the absolutely disastrous defense of the defending champions – deprived of Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins and Klay Thompson – to quietly head for a seventh consecutive success.

Apart from James Wiseman’s 30 points at 12 of 14, this evening is to be forgotten for the Warriors, completely overwhelmed by the Nets collective. 9 Brooklyn players scored 10 or more points. They converted 64% of their shot attempts and 63% of their three-point attempts. An offensive demonstration for a New York team that is doing better and better.

Performance: 41 points from Jayson Tatum weren’t enough for the Celtics

Third loss in a row for Boston. The Celtics lost to the Pacers on Wednesday night (112-117). However, Jayson Tatum tried to put his people on the right track by scoring 41 points (13 of 25 on shots). His team took far too long to get into the game and Indiana had a lead of up to 30 points in the first period! Tyrese Haliburton led the team with 33 points and 8 assists.

The Celtics eventually rebelled when they returned from the locker room – after being whistled out by their supporters – but they failed to completely reverse the trend. Already overtaken by the Bucks in the East, Tatum and his comrades are now under threat from the Cavaliers.

The action: Ayo Dosunmu gives the Bulls the victory at the buzzer!

Ayo Dosunmu followed DeMar DeRozan’s attempt to snatch the offensive rebound and score closely, at the siren, thus finishing the Hawks and giving the victory to the Bulls (108-110).

The French: Rudy Gobert returns with a big double-double, Batum performs again

Absent from the rotation for 3 matches due to a minor ankle sprain, Rudy Gobert made his return last night. He had 19 points and 15 rebounds but his Timberwolves lost to the Mavericks. Frank Ntilikina scored 2 points in 11 minutes for Dallas.

Nicolas Batum was still excellent off the bench for the Clippers, winners of the Hornets, scoring 21 points in addition to his 7 rebounds. 3 points, 4 assists and 4 steals for Theo Maledon. The Pistons lost to the Sixers but Killian Hayes compiled 12 points and 4 assists in 34 minutes.

All scores

Cavaliers – Bucks: 114-106
Sixers – Pistons: 113-93
Hawks-Bulls: 108-110
Celtics-Pacers: 112-117
Nets-Warriors: 143-113
Knicks-Raptors: 106-113
Rockets-Magic: 110-116
Timberwolves-Mavericks: 99-104
Thunder-Trail Blazers: 101-98
Kings-Lakers: 134-120
Clippers-Hornets: 126-105


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Antetokounmpo and the Bucks at the top

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