NBA: Nicolas Batum cries foul


NBA: Nicolas Batum cries foul

Posted on September 8, 2022 at 8:35 a.m. by The editorial staff

Like every year, the new opus of NBA 2K is eagerly awaited by fans of the license. But players are also very attentive to the release of the new game, especially with regard to their evaluation. And after Kevin Durant, it was Nicolas Batum who decided to cry scandal when he saw his general…

Every year, fans of NBA are also entitled to their successful video game. As Fifa, NBA 2K is almost always placed in the best sales with each new opus. Once again, the new installment of the franchise is eagerly awaited by fans, but also by players of the NBA. And several of them smirked…

“I deserved at least 89! »

Thus, on his Twitter account, Nicolas Batum reacted to his general rating, announced by the game developer NBA 2K on social networks. Rated at 76 for the next opus, the Frenchman does not seem satisfied with this modest score.  » I deserved at least 89! “, thus quipped Nicholas Batum. However, this tweet was intended to be rather sarcastic and humorous. As a reminder, the summer of Nicholas Batum was rather eventful, whereas it was announced starting from the Clippers. He had also, very recently, taken the decision not to participate in the Euro Basket. A choice that had not failed to react on Twitter.

“You will have to explain to me why I am not at 99”

On his side, Kevin During was much better rewarded than Nicholas Batum. In effect, K.D. obtained the very good mark of 96, which gives him the place of 2nd joint with LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic. A note that Kevin Durant took in the second degree: Uh, Ronnie 2K you will have to explain to me why I am not at 99? It is nonsense « . It was enough for the player of the net receives many criticisms. And in recent weeks, there were already many of them. Kevin Durant had in particular been de-zinced by Charles Barkley.  » I feel like Kevin Durant is a miserable person. Besides, I call him « Monsieur Miserable », he is and will never be happy in life. Everyone around him gives him everything on a silver platter. He was the man for the job in Oklahoma City, all the fans loved him, he was almost state governor…He betrayed them and left. He won two consecutive titles with the Warriors before getting injured for the third Finals, he was still not happy. He then went to Brooklyn, where the rulers gave him everything he demanded, he remains miserable. If we look at his career, wherever he was the undisputed leader, the projects turned into complete failures « .

“NBA 2K lays shit”

One player, however, seems to have taken his note at face value, unlike the stars previously mentioned: Klay Thompson. After losing 3 evaluation points, a message full of bitterness had been published in story instagram.  » NBA 2K lays shit from the 2K on Dreamcast. Put some respect on my name you bums « . A post that was later deleted. Jaylen Brownwho plays for Boston Celticshad also gone from his little tweet to sting 2K: “ stop playing with me », Following his announced general mark of 87 which does not seem to have pleased him. One thing is certain: this new opus should continue to be talked about, while its release will take place this Friday, September 9…

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