NBA: Miserable, betrayal … Kevin Durant gets clashed


NBA: Miserable, betrayal … Kevin Durant gets clashed

To everyone’s surprise, Kevin Durant finally decided to stay at the Nets next season. Faced with the demands of the New York franchise and the offers received, the 33-year-old winger was forced to continue his adventure in Brooklyn. Despite everything, his actions are not appreciated by several NBA observers, in particular Charles Barkley.

All that for this. After several weeks of arm wrestling with his management, Kevin Durant finally gave in. The winger of 33 will wear the colors of net next season, the franchise announced on Tuesday through the voice of its general manager, Sean Marks : “ Steve Nash and I, along with Joe Tsai and Clara Wu Tsai, met Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman in Los Angeles yesterday. Together, we agreed to continue our association. We are now focused on basketball, with one goal in mind: to build a franchise that lasts to bring the title back to Brooklyn. “, can we read in the press release published by brooklyn.

“I feel like Kevin Durant is a miserable person”

A whole fuss that is not at all to the taste of Charles Barkley. Today consultant on DTTthe former player of Phoenix Suns was not kind to Kevin Durant.  » I feel like Kevin Durant is a miserable person. Besides, I call him « Monsieur Miserable », he is and will never be happy in life. Everyone around him gives him everything on a silver platter. He was the man for the job in Oklahoma City, all the fans loved him, he was almost state governor…He betrayed them and left. He won two consecutive titles with the Warriors before getting injured for the third Finals, he was still not happy. He then went to Brooklyn, where the rulers gave him everything he demanded, he remains miserable. If we look at his career, wherever he was the undisputed leader, the projects turned into complete failures “, he said on this subject, comments relayed by Let’s talk NBA.

“There are guys with families who don’t have jobs because of the KD affair”

Charles Barkley is not the only one to attack Kevin Durant. Following the announcement of netPatrick Beverley also attacked him: “ you can sit and say nothing but that’s not cool. There are guys with families who don’t have jobs because of the KD case. Wanting to leave, then stay, that’s not cool. » The leader, recently traded in Los Angeles Lakersaccused Kevin Durant of having paralyzed the market for NBA, leaving some players without a team. After the response from number 7 of net, Patrick Beverly outbid.  » Damn man, who said I was talking about you? I’m talking about the way things were done. Both sides should have kept it private. But it is noted « , did he declare.

The Nets rub their hands

On the side of brooklyn however, the atmosphere is quite different. The net have succeeded in their bet and Kevin Durantas well as Kyrie Irving, will probably continue the adventure with the New York franchise. On paper, this team clearly has a chance to be a title contender at the end of the season. The 30-year-old leader had also expressed doubts about his future, before changing his mind. According to Shams Charaniathe Nets have made it clear to interested teams that they plan to retain Kyrie Irving. Sources say he had a constructive dialogue with the team during the offseason. »

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