NBA: LeBron James, vaccinated, does not want to encourage to do like him

LOS ANGELES | NBA superstar LeBron James has been vaccinated against COVID-19 but refuses to encourage anyone to do like him because he feels it is not his role, he said. said Tuesday during the « media day » of the Lakers.

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“I can only speak for myself. Everyone has a choice to do what they think is right for them and their family. I admit I was very skeptical, but after doing my own research I thought it was best for me, my family and my friends. That’s why I decided to do it, ”he told reporters.

For two days that the “media days” of the various NBA franchises have been taking place, the subject of non-vaccination in a large minority of players in the League, 10% according to an official census, is on everyone’s lips.

Some stars have openly said they refused to be vaccinated, such Bradley Beal (Washington) who has since backpedaled slightly, saying « he was still wondering. »

Kyrie Irving refuses to say if he is, but his absence during the « media day » of the Brooklyn Nets, Monday at the Barclays Center, left little room for doubt: he did not have it. authorization, a decree of the City of New York requiring professional athletes to prove that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine to be able to enter the premises of their club.

Asked whether it was not up to him, given his status as the greatest star in the NBA, to encourage players, but also people who are not vaccinated, to take this step, James refused. take on this role.

“Here we are talking about the body of individuals. This is not about politics, racism or police brutality. It is about the well-being of the people. I don’t think I should get involved in what people do for their bodies. It’s like I’m saying that someone should take this job or not, ”he argued.

“You have to do what’s best for you and your family. I know what I have done for myself and my family, I know what some of my friends have done for them and their family. But when it comes to speaking on behalf of everyone, I don’t feel like doing it… it’s not my job, ”he said.

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