NBA: LeBron James rants to defend Kyrie Irving


LeBron James rages in defense of Kyrie Irving

Throughout his career, Kyrie Irving has shown that he has a character of his own and that he does not let it go. Nevertheless, his attitude has sometimes aroused great misunderstandings and some criticism of him. But despite this, the Nets playmaker can count on the support of his teammates and ex-teammates. LeBron James did not hesitate to defend Kyrie Irving again on social networks.

During his career, Kyrie Irving has regularly been the center of criticism because of his unique mentality. Endowed with a particular character, the playmaker of the net sometimes causes great misunderstandings because of his attitude. For instance, Uncle Drew was deprived of home games during the Covid-19 period as he refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. But despite this suspension, Kyrie Irving stuck with it and stayed true to its principles. His departure from Boston Celtics also made a lot of noise, he who left the green franchise two years after his arrival and two failures during the playoffs. An attitude which can be explained by the fact of being constantly under great pressure since its beginnings in NBA.

« I had to follow in Bron’s footsteps »

Drafted in 2011 at the Cleveland Cavaliers only one year after the departure of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving had the heavy responsibility of ensuring the succession of the King. The playmaker, today with the netmoreover expressed himself on this subject during the program The Shop recently : « Playing with Bron and KD, they are two of the best players in history. But in our culture, they are two true icons. And I had to follow in Bron’s footsteps. At that time in my life, I felt really bad because I didn’t know where I wanted to go. I watched The Decision. And a year later, I got drafted onto this emotional Cleveland train of the prodigal son, the chosen one is gone, and here we have this 19-year-old kid. Emotionally, I was dealing with things that I had no idea had anything to do with me. Absolutely nothing. So when I took that pressure as my own, I started thinking to myself, ‘I have to get Cleveland back to the top.’ It was a solo act.»

“He really is so misunderstood!”

LeBron James, executive producer of the program, then did not fail to bounce on the words of his former teammate on social networks and to defend him at the same time. « He really is so misunderstood! I love seeing how it has evolved over the years. I always believed and knew he was so much deeper than just a phenomenal basketball playerreplied the star of Lakers on Twitter. Despite the many criticisms about his unique character, Kyrie Irving can count on the support of his former teammates.

Kevin Durant defended Kyrie Irving days earlier

LeBron James is not the first player to defend Kyrie Irving in public. Recently, Kevin Durant had no hesitation in stepping up to denounce fake news on Uncle Drew. The parody account Ballsack Sports claimed that the relationship between the 30-year-old playmaker and Steve Nash had become execrable and irreparable after he asked his coach to ask him to see the MVP trophies of Kobe Bryant (Steve Nash and Black Mamba having been teammates in the past). Of course, it was a big joke, except thatOlden Polynices had fallen into the trap. In the podcast The Odd Couplethe former player of Clippers did not hesitate to repeat the false information about Kyrie Irvingwhich did not fail to challenge Kevin Durant. After a rather stormy exchange on Twitter, K.D. was not impressed by the now 57-year-old ex-pivot and ended the discussion with the following message:There was no truth in what you said. You have no impact on anything, Olden. Enjoy retirement.“Despite his not always easy to bear reputation, Kyrie Irving is always supported in NBAstarting with his teammates or ex-teammates.

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