NBA: « LeBron James is the greatest sportsman in history »


NBA: « LeBron James is the greatest sportsman in history »

Posted on September 21, 2022 at 12:35 p.m. by The editorial staff

As he turns 38 next December, LeBron James will begin his 20th season in the NBA. Beyond his longevity, the native of Akron, Ohio impresses with his performances on the court, which makes him a candidate for the title of greatest sportsman in history. A status he has already achieved according to Charles Barkley.

LeBron James has often repeated, he still has a goal to achieve before he can put an end to his career. The player of Los Angeles Lakers wants to play at least one season in the same team as his son, Bronny. He could even go further and continue until 2026 or 2027, when his second son, Brycewill be old enough to join the NBA. As he turns 38 next December, LeBron James does not seem ready to stop. It must be said that its performance on the floors is still excellent. Last season, he averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists, although he still missed 26 of a possible 82 games due to injury.

A daily job

Despite everything, he will have been selected for the 18th time in his career to participate in the All Star Game. The years go by, but LeBron James seems to maintain the same level. Above all, he knows his body and knows how to save it.  » I work on myself literally every day. Whether physically, mentally or spiritually “, he confided last December.  » I always think about how I can continue to improve my game despite the passing years. For this, he also invests nearly €1.5 million each year just to take care of his body, as indicated ESPN. Already crowned champion NBA four times (2012, 2013, 2016, 2020), King James always has this goal in mind.

“It is without doubt the greatest story in sport”

His performance and his longevity necessarily make him enter the discussion of the greatest sportsmen in history. A status he has already achieved according to Charles Barkleyformer player Phoenix Suns especially in the 90s: I’m a fan of MJ, but I think what LeBron has accomplished is arguably the greatest story in the sport “, he confided in the podcast of Draymond Green.  » First of all, when you look at Kobe, Kevin Garnett, they weren’t great players when they came to the NBA. In my 40 years in the NBA, LeBron was the only one who was great from day one. He became one of the best players in history and he never had the slightest problem, whereas we are in a 24/7 information society with social networks. That he’s as good as he’s been at 18 until now, I think that’s one of the greatest stories in the sport.. One thing is certain, just like Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt Where Roger Federer, LeBron James is clearly among the contenders for this honorary title.

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