« NBA Lane » – behind the scenes of the shoot: if you want to see Kareem room Dirk on his sky-hook, it’s here

You have inevitably seen it pass on social networks: « NBA Lane », the three-minute short film from the NBA to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great League this season. A small masterpiece, with all the gratin of the basketball of today and of the past that has come together. Obviously, it gave some epic moments behind the scenes of the shoot.

Bringing the NBA big family together in one place is no small feat with everyone’s busy schedules. But for the 75 years of the most famous basketball league on the planet, everyone or almost has bowed to the great reunion game, older or younger. And that’s what gives us a smile above all. Magic Johnson who congratulates Trae Young on his last Playoffs, Oscar Robertson who gives advice to Donovan Mitchell, Robert Horry who explains to Zion Williamson how to plant a 3-point in the money time… it’s cool to see. But sometimes, hello the shock of the generations. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar saw Dirk Nowitzki struggling to get in the slightest sky-hook, he couldn’t help but chamber him. « It’s hard your shoot » Dirk will say, well yeah guy it’s not one one-legged fadeaway. So many moments that are ultimately quite unique, which allow us to see another facet of these stars who animate our nights today or who have marked the history of the Great League in the past.

“Being able to get together, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk, LaVine, Magic, Larry, LeBron, Durant, it’s amazing. For me, a kid who comes from Argentina, who played in the League and who won titles, it’s completely crazy to be here. « 

– Manu Ginobili

Crazy, that’s the word. To have so many big names in basketball per m², as much greatness in the same place, it does not happen every day. And the end product is just gorgeous, with tributes and references all over the place and a huge dose of creativity. No doubt, everyone worked well, everyone fully adhered to the project, each showing more or less elaborate acting qualities.

“We talk a lot about the NBA family. But how do you get this family together and get the fans involved? We figured there was no better place on Earth than the one that could bring together legends, current stars and rising players. ‘NBA Lane’ is a nice way to do this. « 

– Kate Jhaveri, NBA Marketing Manager

For its 75th anniversary, the NBA has decided to do things very big and it will last all season. Between a logo specially designed for the occasion, the Top 75 all-time which will soon be revealed in October and the many tributes that will take place, the League is more than ever keen to honor its past, but also its present and its future.

Text source: NBA

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