NBA: Lakers ready to let LeBron James go on one condition



NBA: Lakers ready to let LeBron James go on one condition

Published on June 11, 2023 at 10:12 am

Announced in the viewfinder of the Mavericks, LeBron James should not leave Los Angeles this summer despite the request of his friend Kyrie Irving. The California franchise will not listen to any offer from Dallas for the King unless it contains a deal with an NBA superstar. A complex transaction at first sight…

Free agent at the end of the season, Kyrie Irving has not yet renewed his contract with the Mavericks. The leader would particularly like to replay in the NBA alongside LeBron James but dallas made ofUncle Drew his priority for the offseason. The 31-year-old player has therefore found the solution: stay in Texas and take the King with whom he was NBA champion in 2016 among the Riders. Linked to Lakers for at least another year, LBJ cannot be acquired by the Mavericks only through a trade. But how to convince the Californian franchise to transfer one of the best players in history?

Towards a James-Doncic trade?

According to Jovan Buha of The Athleticif the Mavericks really want LeBron, they’ll have to make a compelling offer with Luka Doncic in the deal: If Dallas offers Luka Doncic for James, then yes, it’s safe to say someone at the Lakers will listen. But other than that, the Lakers aren’t going to trade James to the Mavericks. So the Texans have been warned. It will take very very heavy to please Kyrie Irving. Suffice to say that the operation will be complicated as the Mavericks are attached to their 24-year-old leader.

Kyrie Irving must find another solution

Although a new association between LeBron James And Kyrie Irving is the dream of all basketball fans in the United States, mark cuban certainly won’t sacrifice his Slovenian gem to make that happen. Kyrie Irving going to have to find another way if he wants to play with the King one more time. The other solution would obviously be to join the Lakers but there again it seems difficult, Dallas absolutely wanting to associate Uncle Drew To Luka Magic a full season and LA not having the necessary cap without letting go of most of its roster. In sum, and for the time being, the operation seems impossible. THE Lakers don’t want to let the quadruple MVP and the Mavericks are not interested in a trade with Luka Doncic, which represents the future of the Texans. It remains to be seen how will react Kyrie Irvingoften subject to controversy when things don’t go his way.


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