NBA – Kawhi Leonard, the worrying update

Absent since the 2021 playoffs, Kawhi Leonard spent last season treating his knee. But while he recently inflamed fans with viral videos, the Clippers frontman is the subject of concern following the latest news about him.

Already the author of an almost white season in 2017-2018, he suffered the same misfortune last year. From now on, Kawhi Leonard hopes to achieve a rebound similar to that of the time. Crowned champion with the Raptors in 2019, the star winger dreams of living a similar scenario with the Clippers next June. For that, he will still have to be in full possession of his means, which for the moment has nothing of a guarantee.

Always so discreet about his situation, The Klaw nevertheless lets filter some signs that do not deceive for a few weeks. A recent viral post from his franchise for example, was intended to be extremely exciting for Angelenos fans. And yet, once again, another significant testimony sows doubt about its future recovery.

Kawhi Leonard’s return still uncertain?

Often decried for his injuries and repeated absences, Kawhi is not idle in this kind of race against time. The proof with the latest creepy photo of him, where he appears physically transformed. Guest on the set of NBA Today this Tuesday, the insider Ohm Youngmisuk nevertheless showered the great hopes of the Clippers Nation on his case:

This will not surprise anyone, but his return to competition remains shrouded in a certain amount of mystery. The Clippers did not give a timetable on this point, because the reality is that they will do according to Kawhi Leonard’s feelings and see how he feels day by day.

In other words, his announced return for the Opening Night would not be so certain.

Of course, Tyronn Lue and his deputies have no interest in rushing things with the Fun Guy. This could therefore induce a later and gradual recovery than expected. What shower the optimism of some observers, even if Youngmisuk concludes his intervention on a more positive note:

We got a few clues on social media and from the Clippers about his fitness and workout schedule. Not much, but he looks like he’s put on some weight. He seems in very good shape. From what I could hear, he was very conscientious and methodical with his workouts. He organized some with Paul George in Santa Barbara and in San Diego with the team, so he is certainly very invested in his return. But we’ll have to wait and see how he reacts every step of the way.

Expected firmly by the Clippers and their fans, Kawhi Leonard could make them wait a little longer than expected. The main thing is obviously to see him come back in great shape, and able to last all season!

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